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Life Lately : Volume 4

  • WE’RE MOVING IN THREE DAYS!!! How do we have so much stuff?!?
  • Why do companies still make you call them? It’s 2017 and chat software is not expensive! Quit making me talk on the phone to change my utilities, ask a question about my bank account, or the six thousand other things that shouldn’t require going through a twelve layer voice menu that tells me to listen carefully as the following options have changed…
  • And while I’m being snippy, can I talk about how much I don’t enjoy listening to people in my neighborhood shoot fireworks? Of course, I’m an old lady, and I don’t want anyone to have fun, so I’m probably in the minority on this one.
  • I’ve got one more post scheduled for this week (Guys Behind the Blog! Woo hoo!), and then I’ll be “gone” for a few days while we get things going at our new place. I plan to do a before and after post at some point.
  • I have been working on posting more consistently and have a rough schedule for July already. One thing I’m debating is changing Fit Friday to a monthly post instead of a weekly one. Thoughts or comments anyone?
  • Sonic doesn’t have mint flavoring anymore. Sad day. One of my favorite drinks there was water with strawberry, lime, and mint. My mom told me about the combo, and it was delicious! I tried it with mango instead of mint, but it just wasn’t the same. Yet another reason to quit going there (you know, along with poor service, inconsistent food that sometimes tastes good and sometimes is still cold when it shouldn’t be, and those two ridiculously stupid guys in their commercials).Until I boycott them completely, I’m open to new drink suggestions, especially water flavors.
  • Check out the picture below. Cutest little girl in the entire world!!

How does she get cuter every single day?

What’s new in your life lately?

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