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Life Lately : Volume 6

I haven’t done one of these updates since July! I’m sure all of you have been waiting for the next one with bated breath! 😉

  • The fall semester at work has been really busy! We’ve got a record number of students enrolled, and we’re implementing a new system, along with a lot of projects that have carried over from the summer. Not to mention there’s this freshman student that just will not leave me alone. He even has followed me home before. (It’s my husband!)
  • Fall TV is back! Since we don’t have cable and use an antenna, we don’t get NBC. I have to stream This Is Us a day behind everyone else. Although, my mom did offer to FaceTime me last night while she and my dad watched it! Ha!! Some of the new ABC shows look pretty good too. Anything you all are excited about watching?
  • Somehow I’ve gotten involved in three Bible studies this fall! Two are online, and one is at work. Will and I went back to church last weekend for the first time in over a year. Perhaps, someone is trying to tell me something…perhaps…
  • Charlotte has been sick all month with various things, but she’s growing a ton of teeth! She has a huge one on the top in the front of her mouth. It looks like an adult tooth! I guess it’s time to start looking for a dentist!
  • Do you ever look up how old celebrities are? I usually start with just one (like Cher after seeing her Gap commercial), then I fall down a rabbit hole. I lead a busy and productive life, obviously.

This was well worth the absence in August, right?

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