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Life Lately : Volume 7

Didn’t she just write one of these? Yes, yes she did. But, with my new editorial calendar (a fancy way of saying blogging schedule), I’ve got another one of these posts scheduled for today. In my opinion, I can never talk about myself too often…haha.

  • We took Charlotte to her first football game on Saturday. We didn’t stay too long because it was ridiculously hot outside, but between the people watching, her first taste of banana pudding, and just being outside, she really enjoyed it! If it ever cools off here, then we’ll have to try another one.

    “Leave me alone, Mom. I want to eat my banana pudding in peace!”

    Her polo makes me so happy! Love it!!

  • Koopa, our other child, has become a bit of an escape artist lately. Look at this section of our fence he got out of recently. Keep in mind that Koopa is likely a Lab mix and weighs around 75 pounds…

    How did Koopa get out of this?!?

  • Did anyone see Black-ish last night? It was such a good episode! It was about postpartum depression and some parts hit really close to home for me. I think that I expected motherhood to be easy because I’ve never struggled with anything too much, but when it was so much tougher than I expected, I just got so sad and overwhelmed and wondered if I was cut out for motherhood. Actually, I still wonder that sometimes. Such is life.

  • Okay, back to lighthearted issues! I’ve been trying to start Christmas shopping and saving a little extra for gifts. One thing I’ve been doing (while I’m watching sitcoms that make me cry) is using Swagbucks (referral link – which means I get credit if you sign up using this. You also get a bonus 300 Swagbucks for signing up with it, which equals $3.00 towards your first gift card!!). You won’t get rich doing it, but free gift cards are hard to beat! I want to do a post about all of the survey sites that I use. Would anyone be interested in reading that?

  • Before we get to Christmas, we need to have Halloween! I think we’re going to be The Flintstones for Halloween because we have a perfect Pebbles Flintstone. 😉 What are you going to be for Halloween?

  • Related to my last Life Lately post where I mentioned that I am in three Bible studies, Charlotte moved my Bible app to the home screen of my phone one day when was playing with it. Message received loud and clear, God!

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  1. It’d be so interesting to have a camera to video that sneaky little dog squeezing through that.

    I love Black-ish… I always am behind watching On Demand but I’ll have to check that one out.

    • We want to put a camera inside to see what he does all day. I bet it’s 99% sleeping and barking at noises, but that 1% would be so entertaining!

      I’m behind on most of my shows right now. I need a rainy weekend and a cooperative daughter who will nap so I can catch up!

    • I always enjoy these types of posts too! It lets me see how other people live! And, yes definitely catch up. They’ve had some good episodes in the last couple of seasons!

    • Thank you! She definitely attracts attention wherever we go! Swagbucks is pretty neat. I paid for Panera for my mom and me today with earnings from it. Gotta love free lunch!

  2. How in the world did the dog fit through that?! My brother has a huge black lab who once escaped from her crate with only one hinge undone and we still don’t know how.

    I suffered from PPD as well after I had Caleb. Well, the doctor actually said it was considered Baby Blues because it only lasted a few weeks, but it was awful. I never felt like that in my life. It was scary and overwhelming and I’m so relieved it went away.

    • Our dog escaped out of the top of his crate when he was a puppy! He was at the front door when I got home, and he startled me so badly! We think he has Lab in him, so maybe it’s a Lab trait!

      I’m glad you made it past that stage. It is so scary and overwhelming. I definitely don’t think it gets enough attention, so i’m glad a popular TV show talked about it in a way that made it realistic yet not too heavy-handed.

    • Thank you! We get comments on it every time we go anywhere! Elderly men seem to be the most fascinated by it for some reason lol.

      I haven’t done too much Christmas shopping but enough to make me feel like I’m more accomplished than usual!

  3. Charlotte is such a cutie! I definitely can relate to wanting to get a head start on the Christmas shopping. I vowed to myself that I would be doing the same. Thanks so much for sharing about Swagbucks, I definitely will be checking it out! Best of luck on that shopping!

    • Thank you! We think she’s the cutest little girl in the world, but we’re just a little bit biased! 😉

      I like Swagbucks. I’m not making tons of money, but it makes me feel better about buying things at Target for myself..

  4. Never too early to start planning for Christmas! I redeem all my receipt rewards at the end of the year for Amazon gift cards and it’s awesome!