Life Lately : Volume 8

I have turned Char into a Snapchat addict. I scroll through the filters, and she will raise her eyebrows and open her mouth at each one to see if anything will happen!
  • Charlotte said a new word yesterday morning! I know that her vocabulary is about to explode, but it still amazes me every time she says a new word and uses it in context! She uses a hand signal to ask me to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (she totally learned it from The Wiggles, so don’t be too impressed with my momming skills here…). Yesterday, she did the hand signal, I sang it to her, then she said “again” and did the signal again. I was floored!
  • I feel like this is the point in the semester when everyone is just dragging and clawing their way towards Christmas break. All of us who teach the freshman foundations classes have an upperclassman student assistant, and my assistant thought yesterday was Thursday. I wish, bro. I wish.
  • Will, my brother, and I saw Thor : Ragnarok Sunday night, and it was fantastic! It was so funny and had enough action to keep it exciting but not so much that it felt like one big fight scene (unlike that one Superman movie that felt like they fought for about 12 hours…). Plus, the theater we went to had recliners! I usually get a little antsy during movies, but laying back in a recliner is a game changer! Plus, it was a couple of dollars cheaper than the theater we usually go to and only about 10 extra minutes of driving. I think I have a new place to see movies. It will be nice to bring a blanket and a box of tissues to see Wonder so I can recline and ugly cry…
  • We had some pretty heavy storms here Monday night, and all of us slept through them! I’m grateful because we had a few sleep challenges last week, and I think we’re all trying to catch up. Do any of you sleep through storms, or are you usually wide awake?
  • That’s about all of the brain power I’ve got right now! Life has been busy but nothing has been happening, if that makes sense! How are things going for all of you? I haven’t been great about responding to comments lately, but leave me one and help me get back in the habit of replying! 😉

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