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Life’s too short to…fill in the blank…

In the past week, I turned 29, and there was a horrific tragedy that happened at a movie theater in Colorado.  Both of these events combined have caused me to pause and take a look at myself and my life. For the most part, I’m happy, but there are things that I want to change (look for one of those infamous “30 before 30 lists” to be posted within the next week or two). I know I’ve posted before about making changes in my life, but there were always excuses. I wanted to wait until I finished my Masters in Education, comps for my UT program, my Masters in Info Science, until this, that, or whatever, but the time for excuses is over. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow, so we should live each day to its fullest and truly enjoy life. Sometimes circumstances may be bad, but we should NEVER be at a point where we dread or loathe things in our lives, especially things that can be changed. It’s time for me to grow up, set goals, and live my life in a more fulfilling way. It’s time for me to immerse myself in God’s plan and truly live, rather than just a ho-hum existence where I count down the days until vacation, Christmas, whatever. We’re not made to count down days and wish our lives away. I’ve still (hopefully) got a lot of life to live, and I’m ready to live it.

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