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Little Letters : August 2017


Dear Chris Pratt and Anna Faris,

I am legitimately saddened by your separation. I don’t usually get too interested in celebrity marriages because they don’t last, but I was rooting for you guys, especially after reading a clickbait article that showed your back-and-forth affection on the Twitter. Sigh.

Dear Starbucks,

Your summer game is kind of meh. Why are you only giving one star as a reward? That’s bogus…

Dear August,

I’m not ready for you. I know it’s the 11th, but I still can’t accept that you’re already here.

Dear Sirius/XM Satellite Radio,

I scoffed at you in the past, but I’ve been hooked on your 90s pop, 90s alternative rock, and 90s hip hop stations (see a trend here?) during my trial. You’ve hooked my husband with your sports and heavy metal channels. Dang you, we’re going to have to subscribe, aren’t we?

Dear tattoo,

I’ve only had you for two weeks, but I’m ready to give you a sibling already. I never understood how or why your kind were considered addictive, but now I totally get it.

P.S., I plan to write about you soon. Are you prepared for the fame?

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  1. Is this a monthly series? If so, I sure would love to join in. Do you do it on a certain day of the month? Please send me more info. I enjoyed reading this post. I like the fun ‘letter’ format. Great way to share your feelings without going into a diatribe. Love it. My email is and I blog at Please share the deets. My friend Katie at Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life write little letters, too.

    I am not a Starbuck-er but seems like they should up their rewards game in the warm months to get people to come in when it isn’t necessarily the season for lots of hot coffee. Guess there’s always cold coffee, though?

    • It is a monthly series! It’s a linkup with Kristin at on the second Friday of every month. I think it’s a good way to gather all of those short thoughts you have floating around that aren’t quite blog post length but are worth sharing. I’ve been tracking my sentences for your Sentence a Day linkup too, which I think is a cool way to reflect on your month! Does it have a specific day?

      I can drink Starbucks year round, but their coffee isn’t great; I have to get it really doctored up, which should tell me something!

      • Hey, yay!!! Thank you for sharing the info with me. Going to put this in my agenda and as soon as I can figure out what I did with it!

        Sentence a Day is published on the first Thursday of the new month. So we will share our August post on the 7th of September. Jump in with us. If you would like to receive an email reminder with the link-up code, shoot me an email at I will add you to my email group.

        We are going to share our autumn bucket lists on 9/21, if you are interested in joining up for that, too. Let me know and I will add you to that email list.

        Thanks so much for your reply!

      • Thank you for your comments too! I’m sending you an email about both of those linkups!