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Little Letters : February 2018


Dear rainy weather,

You are making me draggy and sniffly and sad. I’m tired of you and would like to kindly ask you to evacuate the area. What’s that? You’re going to be around for the next 10 days? Well, then maybe next time I will ask you not-so-kindly…

Dear pants I wore yesterday,

I’m sorry I ripped a hole by the belt loop. You’re one of the few pairs that fit me right now, so please don’t let that hole get bigger. No one needs to see that much of me!

Dear Snoop,

I know that Charlotte plays your music allllll night, but if your batteries could last a longer, that would be helpful. Also, if your batteries could avoid going out right when she’s about to go to sleep, I would be okay with that. (Here’s an explanation of who Snoop is! Our daughter doesn’t listen to rap music all night hahaha!)

Dear sunflower seeds,

Thanks for making Charlotte so happy. I don’t know any other almost 2 year old that loves sunflower seeds as much as she does! Then again, I don’t really know too many almost 2 year olds, so there’s that…

Dear Friday,

I’m glad you’re here. It’s been a heck of a week!

Dear Koopa,

Stop trying to walk through all of the mud in the yard. I know it’s been raining for about 75 years, but someday it will stop and the ground will be dry again. Then you can walk your happy self through the yard as much as you want to!

Dear Charlotte,

How do you keep getting cuter and cuter? Also, how do you know how to do that little head tilt and grin when you’re about to get in trouble for something?!?

Dear Will,

One day at a time. Now, take a minute to get on Pinterest and look up the recipe for a Starbucks cherry mocha. That’s your weekend experiment… 😉

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  1. I don’t know how people who live in places where it rains day after day after day don’t just want to crawl in a hole!! El Paso is called the Sun City for its average 360 sunny days a year. We had rain this weekend, which I really enjoyed and we needed desperately. But after a day of gray skies and drizzle, I was done. Hope you are finally making your way to the end of the rain in your neck of the woods.