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Little Letters : January 2018


Dear sickness,

Leave our house. Now. Seriously. We have gone through bronchitis, upper respiratory stuff, a “flulike virus,” and a cold. We are good for the year. Bye now.

Dear Will,

Sorry I’ve been such a crabby patty lately. Being trapped in the house with all of the sick germs has not made me the nicest person. Thanks for putting up with me!

Dear Charlotte,

I hope you’re on the mend! Trying to reason with a toddler about why I’m wiping her nose and putting ear drops in is…not fun.

Dear Koopa,

Stop trying to eat things that aren’t yours. Especially used tissues. That’s just gross, dude.

Dear snow,

You’re beautiful. Thank you for the days home from work, even if it has felt like a germ-infested prison at times. I’d rather be safe and warm with my snotty family than trying to drive through your aftermath!

Dear weather,

It’s going to be 18 tomorrow and 61 by this weekend?!? If you give anyone in this house a sinus infection, so help me…

Dear planner,

Sorry for abandoning you lately. If work gets called off again tomorrow, let’s spend some time together, shall we?

Dear Wiggles,

Thank you for being Charlotte’s favorite thing ever. Let’s work on getting some more seasons on Hulu, please and thank you!

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