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Little Letters : June 2018


Dear planner that I made just for work,

You’re earning your keep lately. Stay gold.

Dear Happy Planner,

Quit releasing such cute new products. Our budget is telling me to stop buying your things, but I can’t quit you.

Dear budget,

I know you’re for our own good, and I know we’ve kind of ignored you lately. We promise to get back on track and work on our debt-free goals again. I mean, our bank account says we have to get back on track, so there’s that…

Little Letters

Dear Will,

Sorry I’ve been at work more lately. I’ll get on a better schedule…eventually.

Dear Charlotte,

See above letter to your father.

Dear Koopa,


Dear Mom,

Thanks for watching Charlotte more lately. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation…and we can’t afford daycare (see : letter to our budget), so thanks for letting me pay you in coffee on occasion!


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  1. She does! And lately it’s been over full-time since we had a couple of people leave at work, and it’s been tougher than normal for me to catch up on things. Will your mom keep your new baby too? My mom told me that she was just keeping one, and I’d be stuck if I had another one!!

  2. Oh, I missed writing my little letters this month. Love yours. I think I will copy your letter about getting back on track financially! I have gone of the deep end for sure. Have got to find a part-time job. Have a couple of things percolating. Hope they pan out.