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Little Letters : November 2017


Dear night time,

I don’t love you showing up before I leave work everyday, but if it brings us closer to Christmas, then okay, whatever.

Dear Thanksgiving,

I love you (because a holiday based around eating and gratitude is my jam…), but Christmas has much catchier music. Please forgive me if I start listening to Christmas carols this weekend!

Dear neighbors setting off fireworks,

If you wake Charlotte up, you will no longer like me. I mean, I don’t know if you like me anyway because I don’t think you’re actually in my neighborhood, but you really won’t like me if she wakes up. Also, dude, it’s November 10. What the heck??

Dear debt,

You’re going to like us even less than the neighbors above will if they wake up our daughter. Your time in our family is over. We have had it with you and your friends taking way too much of our money. Consider this your official eviction notice.

Dear pencil and paper,

I know that you get overlooked for fancier things like apps and other kinds of technology, but you’ve still got a spot in my heart. Don’t ever change.

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  1. I wrote a Little Letters post this month, too. But didn’t find one on Kristen’s blog to link-up with for November. Such a cute idea and writing them is so therapeutic. I have evicted debt, too. We’ll see if it sneaks back in the back door!