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Happy Monday! I’m doing something a little different on here today and participating in a Love Stories Blog Hop! So, if you’re here from Jamie’s blog, welcome to my world!

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing a love story on the blog today. But, it’s not going to be about my husband (sorry babe – your time to shine will be next month) or our daughter (sorry chick – your time to shine will be in April). No, I’m going to be a little bit quirky and tell a love story about puppy love…literally. Hope you enjoy!

“I want a dog.”

Those four words may seem innocent, but when my husband said them to me, just two months into our marriage, they struck fear into my heart. He grew up with dogs and felt like he was missing something in his life by not having one. I had never had a dog and really didn’t even like them much, to the point of nearly being afraid of them.

“Uh, okay,” I replied.

I thought the he might put the notion out of his head, or that maybe he meant let’s get a dog later on, but just a few days later, we were on our way to a shelter in the next county after he discovered that they had an Australian Shepherd puppy for adoption. When we got there, he was disappointed to discover that the puppy had already been adopted, and the shelter had not had time to update their website. I was secretly relieved until he suggested walking around and seeing who else was up for adoption.

Browsing a shelter can be heartbreaking, even if you are not an animal lover. Many dogs have a hopeful excitement that you can see in their eyes whenever you linger for a second at their kennels. I could feel my cold, non-dog loving heart start to melt just a little bit.

We looked around at all of the dogs for adoption, and we couldn’t find one that seemed to be a good match for our family. Many of them were older or had been surrendered because of behavioral issues, and we thought that those might not be the best choice for our first family dog, especially because of my lack of experience. We were about to leave, but then the shelter volunteer showed us a crib located next to the cat room. That crib was occupied by a little brindle puppy with white paws named Rocket.

“Let’s take him outside and see if he likes us,” my husband suggested.

He had never worn a collar or a leash, so our first adventure was getting him ready to take out to the play area. Once he was safely outside in their fenced in yard, we unclipped the leash and found out why they named him Rocket! My husband immediately fell in love with him and started tossing a ball to him. I was still unsure about the whole getting a dog situation, so I stood a little bit away from them. Rocket must have known that this was his grand audition for his forever home because he ran up to me and darted under my floor-length skirt.

“He’s saying that he chooses you,” the volunteer said.

In that moment, I was hooked. As he struggled to figure out how to escape my skirt’s prison, I could see our future, full of walks, snuggles, and playing. Three days later, Rocket, renamed to Koopa (although Rocket is his middle name, used often when he is in trouble), became an official member of our family.

Having a new member of the family was a huge adjustment at first. There were crate escapes, items destroyed, and many, many middle of the night wake ups for potty breaks. We had to learn how to train him to be a good canine, and he had to learn how to live with us. It was a learning process for everyone, but we slowly adjusted.

Now, nearly five years later, I can’t imagine life without him, nor can I really remember why I was so indifferent towards dogs. He’s a big, goofy, playful boy who’s fiercely loyal to us.  I’m glad I (reluctantly) said yes to us getting a puppy because now our daughter will know what it’s like to experience the unconditional love of a dog. Plus, maybe her toddler energy will finally be a match for our Rocket dog!

Thanks for reading my canine love story! Now, hop over to Helen’s blog to read her love story!

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12 Comments on “Love Stories Blog Hop

    1. Now that I know what having a dog is actually like, I’m with you! Their little faces are so sweet and innocent, and you just want all of them to know what it’s like to be loved!

  1. Ooooh, girl. Your story is the one that made me tear up! I love that Rocket warmed and changed your heart! Your description of shelters is spot on but I love that that’s the first place your husband dragged you! Way to go guys! Koopa is the sweetest!

    1. Thank you! I can’t imagine life without him now! I’m glad Will took us to the shelter also because he deserved a chance at a good life. I don’t know why he was abandoned, but it’s definitely their loss!!

  2. Aw, I LOVE this! I’m a major dog person already, but I’m glad he converted you into one. I remember meeting my first dog, Dakota, at the shelter 6 years ago. He was so goofy and definitely trying to make us pick him. Now that Caleb has grown up with dogs, he absolutely LOVES THEM… to the point of often harassing our poor Bulldog.

    1. I’m glad he converted me too! I used to be so scared of dogs, and I had no reason to be, especially since I had never had a bad experience with one! Charlotte hasn’t quite reached the point of harassing him yet, but she has noticed that he will try to take her toys, and she’s starting to get mad at him. It’s pretty funny to see her sass him!

    1. We used to work pretty long hours, and I went through a period where I felt super guilty leaving him at home for so long. Now that our hours are shorter and he has an active toddler sister, we joke and say that he enjoys his “me time.” Sometimes he even gets into our bed while we’re gone! I’ll go into our room to take off my jewelry and see one of his toys in our bed. Silly dog! Hope you get your dog…and your stay at home time! 😉

  3. Oh, my, I love pups so your story really hit home with me. I have been so blessed by the unconditional love of some great dogs in my life. Thank you for reminding me of them with your sweet story. So glad you gave Rocket a chance. And that he melted your heart and turned you into a dog lover, too. Nothing better than a big, sloppy, wet puppy kiss!!

    1. Thank you for coordinating this blog hop! I am finally getting to check out everyone’s posts, and I’ve got my tissues next to me just in case! It was fun thinking about how we got him and looking at old pictures. It reminded me of just how quickly time flies – he’ll be 5 at the end of March!

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