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Make Yourself Amazing in April: Day 6

This catches us back up!

Since I’m posting back-to-back summaries tonight, I don’t expect that anyone has completed the previous challenge! We’ll revisit the challenges from Day 5 and Day 6 tomorrow.

Today’s chapter is called Good Woman; Good Man.

Focus Verse: A good woman is hard to find (Proverbs 31:10a, The Message)

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Although Sarah and I have never met in person nor communicated in any way other than email, she and I share a trait (beyond being Christians!): we both got married “later” than others. I got married last year at age twenty-nine, and she was thirty-two when she got married. Because we share this trait, I know that she uttered the same words that I said many times: “a good man is hard to find!” However, when you do find that good man or woman, it completely knocks you off of your feet!

Sarah says that the word good is boring. It’s true! Even the connotation of being a goody-good is so condescending! But, being good is not boring. After all, God is good, and we know that He isn’t boring! Think about the things that you enjoy and think are good: music, art, etc. Do you find those things boring? Of course not!

Okay, so good isn’t boring. Now, how can we be good?

It’s actually pretty easy! As Sarah says, Jesus is all good, and since we live in Him, we are all good! Woo hoo! And, there’s even more good news. Psalm 23:6 says that goodness will pursue you all the days of your life. So in addition to knowing how to be good, you’ll also be pursued by good. Here’s what Sarah says about this:

Goodness means the quality of being good. If goodness is pursuing you, that means that anything that has the quality of being good is chasing after you. Goodness is not only something you are, but it is the many things you can have. So stop running from goodness and allow it to capture you and shower upon you all the blessing it entails. You are so good.

Isn’t that GREAT to hear before a Monday morning? =)

Today’s challenge: Start thinking that goodness is after you and don’t run from it. Let good things happen to you today (and beyond!).

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  1. Such a great reminder: in Christ, I am 100% good. And because I am good, I do good. Simple! (Do you have those Meercat commercials in the US? He says,”Simples!” at the end of each commercial. Gotta love Meercats!