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Make Yourself Amazing in April!

It’s no secret that I’ve felt a little blah this winter. Perhaps you’re in the same boat, especially since winter has lasted approximately 725 years around here, give or take a month or two (I mean, snow on March 25?!? Give me a break!). To help shake off those winter blahs, I want to introduce Make Yourself Amazing in April!

Last month I was contacted by Australian author Sarah Coleman about reviewing one of her books on the blog. I looked at the summaries of all of her books and decided on Make Yourself Amazing. I mean, how could I not when the description on Amazon said that it will help you be a better person, achieve your goals, and reduce stress, among other things? I started reading it with the plan to post a review and possibly an interview with her around this time. Once I start reading it, I decided that a one day summary of it wasn’t enough! After emailing Coleman and telling her my plan, I decided to do another series, similar to the 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life series from November. 
Starting on April 1, I’ll post daily about a chapter in the book. If you want to follow along, the book is only $2.99 for the Kindle edition! Plus, there’s a Kindle app that you can use on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, so you don’t even have to have a Kindle to read it!
So, if you’re ready to emerge from a long, cold winter and make yourself amazing in April, pick up a copy of the book this weekend and meet me back here on April 1!

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