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My Week in Review (December 31 – January 6)

I really like these posts, so I’m glad to be getting back in the swing of writing them!


I used to track my annual reading on LiveJournal (there’s a blast from the past for you!), so I wrote a post linking to all of those posts.

I also shamelessly plugged my new blog – Thankful 366 where I wrote about something I was thankful for everyday that year. Anyone remember that blog?


I ended the year with a year in review post. I enjoy writing those and looking back on my year!


I started the year with my blog goals for 2014. Side note – the ol’ Internet space used to be called Amber Can Read, which inspired the title of the monthly Amber Can Read book posts!

Naturally, I ended 2014 with another year in review post!


A Five Favorites post featuring washi tape!


For some reason, I did my year in review post in January instead of December. I guess I was feeling wild.

To cap off 2016, I wrote a beautiful post aptly title “Resolutions and Crap” (I need the crying face emoji here to show how sarcastic I’m being about it being a beautiful post…).


The year started with my first time participating in the Currently linkup. It’s definitely a fun one to do each month!

I ended the year with another year in review post with a format that I completely stole from a work colleague!


So far I’m on track with my goal to publish something every single day of 2018! Check out what I’ve written this week! 🙂

I went back to work on Wednesday after being off for nearly two weeks. It was so tough to get back into the swing of things! What made things even worse was that on Thursday, I started feeling like death warmed over. Say a prayer or send good thoughts that Char and Will don’t get sick and that Will can handle my super-whiny self. I’m definitely not a good sick person!

Picture of the Week:


Today is my dad’s birthday, so I thought I would do a throwback picture of him for the photo of the week! My parents, brother, Will, and I went to see The Blue Man Group for dad’s birthday in 2015, and in the lobby after the show “someone” (cough me cough) told one of the Blue Men that it was dad’s birthday, so he gave him a gift to remember! Such a fun night! Happy birthday Dad! We love you!!

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