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My Week in Review (January 14 – 20)

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time to look back in the blog archives and see what I posted during these days in the past!

2010 :


2011 :


2012 :

Nothing! (This is starting to feel like last week’s post again. January must be my slow month for blogging…)

2013 :


2014 :

Reflecting on some heavy thoughts inspired by the loss of my Granny Sandi. Reading back on those two posts makes me realize how much I didn’t follow through with the thoughts I had and how many things need to change in our lives.

2015 : 

Asking for feedback about how people remember to clean all of the things in their homes. I could still use feedback on that, honestly…

2016 :

2016 State of the Blog Address…I believe this was the first and last one I did. May have to revive this one in 2019 if I can make it different enough from goal setting posts!

2017 :


2018 :

Posts for daaaaays around here, including my post from last night that contained inaccurate Huttese, according to someone I’m married to…

It’s been a challenging week between sickness and snow days and being off our routines. However, we all seem to be on the mend (poor Char has an ear infection now too, but she’s recovering!), plus the forecast looks a little milder this week, so we should get back on track. I haven’t worked an entire week since before Christmas, so I imagine by Friday, I’ll be dragging!

Picture(s) of the Week :

Once again, I couldn’t choose just one! This was a good week for pictures in 2017!! In case you can’t read her shirt in the middle one, it says “Future Lady Nerd” and she’s wearing Darth Vader socks. Represent, little girl! I also miss the little vest she’s wearing in the last picture. Look at that little face! Don’t you want to just squeeze it?

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