My Week in Review (January 7 – 13)

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s time to look back in the blog archives and see what I posted during these days in the past!






Nothing! Starting to sense a theme here…


Nothing! Wow…


I finally have some content to link to! Phew! During this week in 2014, I wrote about my one word for 2014, and I wrote about the best things about winter. Since it’s icy and snowy and cold outside right now, I need to revisit this one!


A semi-pointless post about why I hadn’t blogged yet in 2015. I’m thinking about cleaning up posts like this and just keeping my gold star posts on here. Thoughts?


Nothing! Okay, this is definitely one of my slowest weeks for writing!


Charlotte’s 8 month update. Oh. My. Word. Pardon me while I get all misty-eyed about how this was only a year ago but seems like it was so much longer. I miss the monthly updates because she’s growing so fast. Dang it, Amber, you should’ve kept doing them!


Posts every single dayyyyyy. Take that 2010-2013 and 2016!

Offline, it’s been a heck of a week. I’ve been fighting crud, and unfortunately, Will and Char have it now too. Plus, we got some ice and snow yesterday, so we’re home bound since we’re both Southerners who don’t drive so well on icy roads. I usually love being at home, but I think since none of us are feeling our best, we’re a little stir crazy!

Picture of the Week:

Two pictures this week because I couldn’t choose my favorite!

The first one is from 2016 and is what Koopa used to do whenever we were in the kitchen since he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen at our old house. It cracks me up because I can read his mind – “uh, can I have a bite of that?”


The second one is also from 2016 and was from our ultrasound of Charlotte! We actually had to get two anatomy scans because she wouldn’t show her face the first time. I should’ve known that would be an indicator of how stubborn she can be! Don’t you love the hand under the chin?


Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy!

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