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My Week in Review (November 5 – 11)

2012 :

On fear and failure. I had forgotten about this post, but there are some good truths here!

2013 :

A book review about morning routines. This kind of reminds me of Miracle Morning!

I also started a 21 day blogging challenge where I went through a book. Check out days 1, 2, 3, and 4, along with my “oops“! I evidently went ahead and posted day 5 too. Past Amber was on it!

2014 :

Talking about goals…kind of. It was mostly about wanting to set them.

2015 :

I love the post from this week in 2015! It was a list of things that had made me cry while I was pregnant, and it included our low-key gender reveal!

2016 :

A busy week on the blog! First, I posted Charlotte’s 6 month update. Look how short her hair was! I also posted two things about the presidential election – before and after. Gulp.

2017 :

It’s been a busy and tiring week for us! We’re implementing a new system at work (shh…if you watched our Tuesday Newsday on the library’s Facebook feed this week, don’t talk about this…), so we’ve had a consultant in town for a dew days. It’s been tough on the old brain! That’s part of why my posts have been all over the place this week, time wise. Time for me to get back on my schedule!

Besides Charlotte’s one night of terrible non-sleep, we’ve had a good week familywise. Char said another new word Thursday night – bacon! Hahaha!! She also took three unassisted steps at my mom and dad’s house yesterday!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!

Picture of the Week :


This one is a split from the same day in 2015 and 2016. I need to look through my pictures and see if I have anything from the same day this year because that would be really cool to see!

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