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My Week in Review (October 1 – 7)

Andrea Dekker (who just had her FOURTH child and amazes me because she’s still blogging and probably has a cleaner house than I do right now! ;)) wrote a weekly post over the summer that was her week in review. I really liked the idea, so I decided to give it a go!

What I shared on the ol’ blog during this week in years past…

2012 :

I was on a weight loss journey then and checked in with an 8 week update. I even put my weight on the Internet…something I would never even consider right now!

I also received a Bride-To-Be box from Influenster. I remember it being pretty meh, and my review definitely supports that!

2013 :

This week I was sharing my love for fall! Let’s count how many times I talked about pumpkin coffee…

2014 :

This was a busy week/month for blogging. I started out the month with a wrap up of my Slack Free September series, and then I decided to do a 30 day blogging challenge that I called Optimistic October. Here are days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7!

2015 :

I didn’t write anything during this week! Perhaps I was still burned out from 2014?

2016 :

I didn’t write anything during this week either! Slacker!

2017 :

This week, I’ve published posts daily. Keep scrolling down the page to see them!

In non-blogging news, Charlotte seems to be on the mend, finally! I feel like we battled sickness all during September!

We’re going to my alma mater’s Homecoming game today! It’s actually also where Will is taking classes right now too! We got Charlotte a little polo shirt for the game, so I’ll have to put pictures here or on my Facebook page so everyone can see how adorable she is!

I made progress on a couple of monthly goals and Fall Bucket List items this week. Super productive!

How’s life for all of you? Hope you had a great week!

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