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My Week in Review (October 15 – 21)

Here are my posts from the past!

2012 :

Another weekly weigh in. Oh past Amber, you didn’t need to lose weigh. Present Amber, you do, but that’s okay. One step at a time…

2013 :

I was doing a 30 during 30 project where I tried to accomplish 30 things before I turned 31. I can’t remember how long I did these posts, but I know it wasn’t until I turned 31. Oops!

2014 :

Optimistic October entries 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21!

2015 :

Nothing on the blog this week!

2016 :

My mom turned 50, so I posted 50 reasons why I love her! Best free birthday gift I can give! 😉

2017 :

I’ve done a couple of linkup posts this week. I always enjoy those because I get to read blogs I might not have discovered otherwise.

Off the blog, we visited a play group this week and Char had her 18 month checkup and a flu shot, which went just as well as we expected it to. Ha! I got a couple of lingering projects finished at work and finally started something I had been putting off. It’s so nice to accomplish goals, especially when you’ve been procrastinating on things!

Picture of the Week:

I’m adding something new this week. I’ll look back at my pictures from the last few years and pick my favorite one from this date range to share. I thought this would be a fun addition to these posts!

This was from October 16, 2016, which was the day before Charlotte turned 6 months old!

Baby and dog on the couch

She and her “bubba” are even better friends now. It’s so sweet!

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