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My Week in Review (October 29 – November 4)

2012 :

Weekly weigh in post. I evidently planned to hit the reset button the next day. Wonder if I did…

2013 :

Nothing this week!

2014 :

Finally wrapping up Optimistic October with days 29, 30, and 31!

2015 :

Talking about five ways we were preparing for having kids. Some of these worked in our favor and some definitely didn’t!

2016 :

Nothing this week!

2017 :

I wrote several posts this week, so check them out!

In real life, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times, there has been some crazy work stuff going on, as well as Charlotte deciding that sleep is for the weak. It’s definitely been a little bit stressful! We didn’t even attempt any kind of Halloween costume because we were all overtired on Tuesday!

Picture of the Week :


Halloween 2016. Obviously she was super excited about being Supergirl. Funny story – when I was barely pregnant with her, my mom and I went to a consignment sale and found this costume for $3 (I think…may have been a little more than that). We didn’t know her gender yet, but we decided to take a risk and buy it because it was so cute! Even though she was so mad during Halloween last year, I love this picture!


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