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Optimistic October Day 14: Childlike

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I posted a picture on my Instagram and Facebook walls tonight of something that the pup and I saw on our walk. When we went down one street of our subdivision, we noticed a couple of mailboxes with notes duct taped onto them. The notes were silly; the one I took a picture of said something to the effect of “yo mama so fat that I forgot the rest cuz I’m dumb.” The others didn’t make much sense either, but they still made me laugh aloud.

On our way back down the street, we saw three children, and they wanted to pet K dog. It turns out that they were the creators behind the mailbox notes! They were on their way to do more and were so happy that I had laughed at their other ones. Their enthusiasm made me wonder when the last time I had been so excited about something silly like that. We talk about the faith of a child quite often, but how about the enthusiasm of a child? To children, everything has the potential of hope and excitement. Children are naturally optimistic.

Now, I know that some of you (including a little part of me) may be thinking “well of course they’re optimistic, they haven’t experienced A, B, or C yet.” or “they don’t have any responsibilities.” While those things are technically true, I think we are too quick to shortchange children. Can we recapture just a little bit of that optimism? Can you start to look for a sense of wonder in ordinary things? Or, if all else fails, can you duct tape a silly note to someone’s mailbox? If that doesn’t make you optimistic and happy, then nothing will! 🙂

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