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Optimistic October Day 18: Enough

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I have lost a little weight this year, and a result, certain items of clothing don’t fit me as well as they used to. I won’t be give too much information here so use your imagination! My immediate first thought was that I had to buy more of this particular clothing since I had to get rid of the items that are now too big. I spent part of today organizing and cleaning out that collection, only to find that I had plenty and had no need to buy more.

As optimists, we need to learn to be satisfied with enough. It’s so tempting to go out and spend, spend, spend, but will that make us happy? Will we just feel the need to keep buying more and more until we’ve forgotten what we were really after in the first place? If you find yourself feeling a constant need to buy more, obtain more, do more, then stop and ask yourself when is enough, enough? You might surprise yourself and find that you are a lot more content than you thought you were. You might surprise yourself when you realize that you have enough.

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