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Optimistic October Day 19: Birthdays

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Today is my mom’s birthday (along with half of my friends’ list on Facebook, it seems, including Justin #wifehim Bradford. Also, happy birthday, Mom!!). I have always loved birthdays, and may or may not start counting down to my birthday in January a few weeks before the actual day. There are some people that don’t like birthdays, and that always mystifies me. Some of them don’t seem to like them because they don’t want people knowing how old they are. Own it! If you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s, etc, then you’re not fooling anyone by trying to pretend like you’re younger. In fact, the younger people try to look, the older they usually end up looking! Others don’t like their birthday because they may feel remorse over not accomplishing certain goals or reaching particular milestones by that age. That’s silly (even though I have been guilty of this too). You are on your own timetable. So what if Joe Schmoe has been married for five years and had three children at your age, while you’re rocking the singles’ events at church and debating whether or not you can take your pet trick or treating since it’s technically your child? Joe probably sometimes wishes he could trade places with you, especially when his kids are driving him crazy!

Okay, I got a bit off track there (or did I?), but my point is, you should always celebrate your birthday. SIgn up for birthday freebies everywhere you can think of, then spend the entire week of your birthday collecting them. Buy yourself flowers. Invite friends to dinner (and make them pay! Ha!). Take some time to write down goals for the next year of your life. Be optimistic about your future! Oh, and eat a cupcake. Always eat a cupcake on your birthday!

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