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Optimistic October Day 2: Blips

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This morning should’ve made me upset. I was running behind and dropped my makeup, causing the compact to break and spill everywhere. After I cleaned that up (while trying to keep the dog from trying to eat it the entire time also!), I also spilled coffee on myself, and noticed a hole on my shirt and some sort of grease stain on my pants after I had already left the house.

A few weeks ago, that would’ve put me in a sour mood for the entire day, but today I realized that these things are just blips. What’s a blip? To me, it’s something that puts a little wrinkle in your day for a few minutes but aren’t worth getting upset over or even thinking about later on (unless you’re blogging about it…ha…). Yeah, I dropped my makeup and it made a mess, but it was almost empty anyway and now part of the floor upstairs is really clean! Yeah, I spilled coffee on myself, but my clothes are dark, so I couldn’t see it. Yeah, I had on a hole-y shirt and stained pants, but, well, there’s no excuse for that! 😉

I’ve started to realize that getting upset over these little blips just makes my day that much worse. I have to focus on the positive things, like the breakfast that a student brought me or a successful meeting with a professor. Plus, my blips really aren’t anything worth getting upset about; I still have my faith, my family, my health, and so many other good things in my life!

So here’s your challenge, the next time you have a blip, think about the good things in your life and think about whether or not the blip is going to change any of those. Does spilled makeup or coffee make my family love me any less? Nope! I even asked my husband to confirm that (and after I told him why, he told me I was weird…just a blip, right?). Does a bad outfit make God mad at me? Nope! Are any of these things going to matter tomorrow morning? Nope! There will always be blips, but we have to learn to brush them off and keep our optimism, otherwise those little blips will turn into something that will drive us crazy, and life is way too short for that nonsense!

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