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Optimistic October Day 25: Death

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Well that title doesn’t seem very optimistic, does it?

When I was rushing driving to work the other day, I took a back road since I was coming from a different part of town. During this drive, I passed a cemetery and saw people gathered around a grave saying their final goodbyes. Death doesn’t seem very optimistic, but allow me to try to tie this in to my optimism theme. We’re all going to die, and none of us know how or when it is going to happen. So, with that in mind, how do you want to spend your days on this earth? Do you want to be frazzled and sad, or do you want to be inspired and hopeful? I know that I don’t always reflect those second two, but it’s amazing how much better my outlook on everything is when I’m working to be positive and happy.

How do you want people to remember you? Do you want them to tell stories about how grumpy you were, or do you want them to remember what a happy, inspiring person you were? I think the choice is pretty clear here!

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