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Optimistic October Day 28: Busy

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This is one of the busiest weeks of the year for me. To be honest, I’m definitely feeling frazzled and scattered this week. There is work busyness and personal busyness and a truck that decided it needed some repairs and a few other things happening. It’s hard to be optimistic, but let’s try and break it down.

1. Work busyness- This means I have a job! This also means that my services at this job are valuable and people need them. Although some have said that they have a library in their pocket, it’s nice to see that libraries out of pockets are still useful!

2. Personal busyness- That means I’m alive! And none of the personal things are bad things; they’re just timed to coincide with a really busy workweek, so it makes them more stressful than usual.

3. Truck repairs- That means I have transportation! The truck is paid for, and we have a fantastic, reliable mechanic working on it. Yes, it’s an unexpected cost and that may mean cutting some things out in November (sorry anyone who I’ve tentatively made plans with….), but it will be fixed and extend the truck’s life a little longer while we work to pay off the other car.

I know that lists like this are annoying sometimes, especially when you just feel like wallowing and telling yourself that you’re SO BUSY THAT NO ONE ELSE’S BUSYNESS EVEN MATTERS. However, if you’re going to be optimistic about life and the challenges it throws your way, you have to stop and think like this. Also, think about what your problems were a year ago. Unless you had a life-changing or traumatic event, then chances are you don’t even remember what had you stressed out during this time last year! So for future Amber, she may vaguely remember this week being busy and a little stressful, but she probably will be preoccupied with one or two or ten other things by that time.

The most important thing to remember about busyness is that it is better to be busy and fulfilled with life than to be bored and feeling useless. I definitely don’t feel useless right now! 🙂

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