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Optimistic October Day 29: Bored

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There is someone that I know who constantly talks about being bored. This person is bored at work, bored at home, and just bored with life in general. I would expect this from a small child, but it floors me that an adult can constantly be so bored. (Cheesiness alert) We live in a fascinating world and in a time period where technology makes new things possible just about every day. There is always something new to learn, something to improve upon, or something to observe. With all of the options out there, I would think that being overwhelmed would be a lot more likely than being bored!

To me, being bored is a sign that you are unfulfilled. You constantly expect the world to entertain you, but you are not willing to give anything in return. It also shows a selfish mentality because every workplace always has more work that can be done. Every home always has more work that can be done to it (including the fun work, like decorating!). If you find yourself constantly bored, especially at work, do some reflection. Have you really been putting in your best effort? Have you been ignoring work that you’re supposed to be doing? Do you see your coworkers constantly running around, working hard to complete tasks, and spreading themselves too thin? If so, offer them a hand! If you are bored and unhappy, then take your focus off of yourself and put it onto others. Not only will that help them and make them happier, it will also cure your boredom quickly!

If you’re bored at home, think about what you can do to improve your living space. Look for new ideas on Pinterest or decorating magazines. If you don’t need to do any improvements at home, then look at what you can improve about yourself! Have you always wanted to learn another language? Do you want to start cooking or knitting or painting? Look for online tutorials or books from your local library (shameless plug) and start teaching yourself! If you’re like me, once you start learning one thing, there are about a million other things I want to start learning after that!

Everyone needs downtime, and yes, sometimes that downtime will make you feel bored. That’s okay. You start having problems when boredom is a consistent state of mind. If all else fails and you don’t want to take any of this advice, then contact me because I’ve got a list of things you can do to help me out! 😉

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