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Optimistic October Day 5: Hope

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It’s almost time to wrap up another weekend. Of course, we’re not sad about this since we’ve learned to be thankful for every day, but we’re not exactly celebrating either. In fact, if we had to be entirely honest, we would say that we fall squarely in the middle of the spectrum of feelings. This week is going to be like every other week- not good, not bad, just there. It doesn’t have to be like that though. There’s an optimistic “trick” that will nearly guarantee that your week is good. What is it? (Come on, this should be easy since it’s the title of this entry!) It’s hope!

What is hope? The Biblical definition of hope is “confident expectation,” and I have heard the definition expanded into a “confident expectation of good things to come.” Wow! That’s one of the most optimistic things I’ve ever seen! If you live life with a confident expectation of good things to come, then you can’t help being an optimist. If you’re continually ready for the next good thing or blessing to come along, then you’ll always be upbeat and positive. On the flip side, if you’re hopeless, then anytime something bad happens, you’ll magnify it and use a phrase like “I just knew something like that was going to happen” or “I just knew things were going too well for me.” Yuck. Who wants to live their lives like that? Who wants to be around someone like that also? He or she would be the human equivalent of Eeyore!

So tonight before you get ready for bed, take a couple of minutes to think about what you’re hopeful about this week. It could be something little like being hopeful that your commute will be smooth tomorrow or something major like hopeful for a good report from a doctor. I feel hopeful that I’m going to be much stronger and less tired in the gym this week! I also feel hopeful that the leash training I’m planning with the dog is going to be successful! 🙂 What are you hopeful about? If you feel inclined, please share here or on Facebook!

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