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I don’t know what I had on my calendar to write about for today because we’re going through some kind of sleep regression from h-e-double hockey sticks (yeah I really did type that). She’s been getting up around 10:30 PM and nothing we try will get her back to sleep, so we have to ride it out with her, usually until around 3:30 or 4. The most fun part is that we usually haven’t gone to bed yet when she gets up. 

I love her, but I’m not loving this. 

Tips, advice, and coffee are all welcome. I’ll be back to whatever normal programming I have scheduled for tomorrow… hopefully! 

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Life Lately : Volume 8

I have turned Char into a Snapchat addict. I scroll through the filters, and she will raise her eyebrows and open her mouth at each one to see if anything will happen!
  • Charlotte said a new word yesterday morning! I know that her vocabulary is about to explode, but it still amazes me every time she says a new word and uses it in context! She uses a hand signal to ask me to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (she totally learned it from The Wiggles, so don’t be too impressed with my momming skills here…). Yesterday, she did the hand signal, I sang it to her, then she said “again” and did the signal again. I was floored!
  • I feel like this is the point in the semester when everyone is just dragging and clawing their way towards Christmas break. All of us who teach the freshman foundations classes have an upperclassman student assistant, and my assistant thought yesterday was Thursday. I wish, bro. I wish.
  • Will, my brother, and I saw Thor : Ragnarok Sunday night, and it was fantastic! It was so funny and had enough action to keep it exciting but not so much that it felt like one big fight scene (unlike that one Superman movie that felt like they fought for about 12 hours…). Plus, the theater we went to had recliners! I usually get a little antsy during movies, but laying back in a recliner is a game changer! Plus, it was a couple of dollars cheaper than the theater we usually go to and only about 10 extra minutes of driving. I think I have a new place to see movies. It will be nice to bring a blanket and a box of tissues to see Wonder so I can recline and ugly cry…
  • We had some pretty heavy storms here Monday night, and all of us slept through them! I’m grateful because we had a few sleep challenges last week, and I think we’re all trying to catch up. Do any of you sleep through storms, or are you usually wide awake?
  • That’s about all of the brain power I’ve got right now! Life has been busy but nothing has been happening, if that makes sense! How are things going for all of you? I haven’t been great about responding to comments lately, but leave me one and help me get back in the habit of replying! 😉
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Five Favorites : November 2017

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Five Favorites

This month, I decided to talk about some of Charlotte’s favorite things. She plays with these things every single day!

1. “Snoop

I think my mom gave him that nickname, and it has stuck! Snoop is by far her current favorite toy and lovey. Sometimes we can hear her turn on his music at night! Lately when I go in her room after she first wakes up, she will grab Snoop and her favorite soft blanket and stand up so I can pick them up. This toy will be the reason we invest in rechargeable batteries!

2. AlphaPup

This was one of the first toys she learned how to turn off and on, and it fascinated her! I also heard her say the “buh” sound (for the letter B) for the first time while she was playing with this. She hasn’t quite connected the yellow bone and string as something she can pull to make it move, but she is starting to pet its ears and wag its tail, which is so cute!

3. Step and Play Piano

She got this for her birthday, and it has been a daily favorite ever since! At first, I sat her in the seat in the middle, and it was a lifesaver when I needed to contain her so I could get ready for work. As she got a little older, it was one of the first things that helped her pull to a standing position. Now she will move back and forth along the outside of it. Sometimes she stands in the middle of it (the seat is removable), and I call her mixmaster Charlotte. I don’t think she appreciates my sense of humor…

4.  A to Z Smart Pad

I had no idea what the real name of this one was! This was another birthday present that she loves! We keep it in her pack and play, and she likes to play with it while she’s enjoying a snack. It took her a little bit to figure out that the thing on the left side slides up and down, but now she does it all of the time!

5. Wiggles Keys

I don’t know why this picture is so tiny, but I was tired of fighting it to try to resize it! Char doesn’t actually have these, but they represent her love for The Wiggles. Hulu has the first two seasons of the new Wiggles, and we have streamed them approximately 17,462 times. But, I actually don’t mind them too much, and as a bonus, I’m learning all of the words. She loves them, and sometimes it’s the only thing that can stop a meltdown, so we will wiggle on! I included this particular product also because I wanted people to check out the price tag on it. For some reason, a lot of The Wiggles stuff on Amazon is expensive, but this is beyond expensive! Sorry Char. There’s no way we’re buying these for you!

Hope you enjoyed a look at Charlotte’s favorites! Like any good toddler, I’m sure she will change her mind about them soon, but for now, we’re enjoying her favorites!

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Things I’m Thankful For : A TBB Talks Linkup

Time for a new month of prompts from The Blended Blog! This month is Thanksgiving themed, and today’s post looks at things I’m thankful for. What a good way to start off a Monday!


  1. A new friend : I’m stumped on question one! I’m kind of sad to say that I haven’t really made any new friends for a while. I think I’ve just been wrapped up in life and everything on my brain instead of making friends. 2018 goal?
  2. Something shiny : Hmm, this is kind of an odd one. All I can think of is the Moana song with this one…
  3. Someone unexpected : Okay, I’m 0 for 3 here. Wow.
  4. Something ordinary : Finally! Lately, our weekends have been relaxed and ordinary, nothing special, but they have been fantastic. It’s been nice to spend time together as a family and just hang out with each other.
  5. A person you’ve known a long time : Jen! She and I have known each other since freshman year of college, and even when we don’t talk for a while, we can pick things back up…usually over Chinese food! She’s also an awesome supporter and reads these posts, without me paying her or bribing her or anything bahahaha.
  6. Somewhere you go every day : My job. I know I’ve fussed about it a lot lately, but I am grateful for it. There were a few bumpy days with a couple of situations that have come up, but things are starting to straighten out. I’m grateful that I have great co-workers that can work through these things, and I’m grateful that my job gives Will an opportunity to work towards his goal of getting a degree!
  7. Someone who’s taught you something : My parents! They teach me something nearly every day, and I’m ridiculously grateful to have them in our lives!
  8. A far-away place : The beach! It’s been way too long since I’ve been!
  9. Something that’s saving your life right now : This is a little dramatic. I’m blank!
  10. Someone you see every day : Koopa! I love how excited he always is when I come home from work! It makes me so happy to see him grab his toy and run to the door to greet me.
  11. Something you enjoy doing : Writing!
  12. Someone female : Charlotte! She is so sweet and bubbly, and even when we have rough nights (like a couple last week), she still lights up our life! We love you, baby girl!
  13. A special place : Home. It’s where we can be ourselves and relax.
  14. Someone male : My husband! He balances me and keeps me sane and focused and on track and lots of other good things. Also, he has been cooking and cleaning a lot lately, which has been helping me work on some things I’ve wanted to. I love you, babe!
  15. Something warm : Coffee. Always sweet and wonderful coffee…

I had such a hard time writing this one! It could be because I was catching up on This Is Us, and it was really hard to see the screen through ALL THE TEARS. Linking up with The Blended Blog…hopefully all of the others had an easier time than I did with this one!

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Seven Sunday Sites

I hope you know what time it is since we turned the clocks back an hour last night…or should have. People have very strong opinions about Daylight Saving Time. Also, did you know that it’s Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time? #themoreyouknow.

If you don’t like the sun going down so early, you’ll like this proposal to invert Daylight Saving Time and push the clocks forward an hour in the fall instead.

One more related to DST – 10 things you should do when you change your clocks. I’ve always heard about the smoke detector one, but the others are new ideas for me!

If anyone needs a Christmas present idea for me, I’ll take these in 7.5, please and thank you.

Or, if you’d rather do something a little more meaningful in November, here’s a calendar full of Random Acts of Kindness ideas.

I have a ridiculous number of unread emails in my personal inbox. Crystal Paine shares four tips for achieving Inbox Zero every day. If she can do it with the amount of emails she gets, I know I can too!

Feeling stressed about the holiday season already? Join Shea and Alexandra (okay, this will make it eight Sunday sites, but I’ll let it slide this week) for their Living Your Best (Holiday) Life for Less challenge. I’m participating in it, even if I am a little behind already!

Have a great week!