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Amber Can Read : June 2017

Here’s what I’ve read since last month!

Amber Can Read

(Amber side note : Ughhhhh, I had this post written and formatted and just needed to add a couple more things to it before it was ready to be scheduled. I took a break from the computer, and evidently my computer got mad or sad or lonely or jealous and completely ate the post. Here’s attempt number 2 but probably without the wit and charm that the first draft surely was full of…)

Books read this month : 5

Book 1 : I Love You, Spot by Eric Hill – Charlotte received this as her Imagination Library selection recently, and we read it one night before bed. It’s a short, cute story. I think I need to read to her more often also!

Book 2 : The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah – This book was SO GOOD! I’m a sucker for World War II fiction, and this one did not disappoint. Definitely my favorite of the month!

Book 3 : Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin – Not a fan of this one at all. It started out interesting by talking about personality types and why some people find it harder to be self-motivated to follow through on their goals (guilty), but then it became preachy and a bit condescending. Least favorite of the month.

Book 4 : Perfect by Cecelia Ahern – I have mixed feelings about this one. This series was originally supposed to be a trilogy, but she ended it with this book, so it’s just a duology (okay, I just wanted to use that word since I just found out that it was a word). This book was decent, but I think since I enjoyed the first one so much, I had really high expectations for this one, and I just felt meh at the end of it.

Book 5 : The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees – Several fashion blogs I read had reviews of this book, so I wanted to read it and see what the fuss was about. It had some good takeaways, and I took plenty of screenshots of ideas that I want to implement, but I think this is not a practical project for me during this phase of my life.

Have any of you read anything good lately? I’ve got a book review coming up Monday. I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted a book review! I’m also going to share a couple of fun reading challenges I plan to participate in. I’m really excited to be reading more often than I used to! I think reading on my Kindle app helps a lot because I can read on my iPad in bed (especially since I finished watching the first season of This Is Us and am wandering around aimlessly now lol). The Kindle app is free, so download it
here to read eBooks on your devices! 🙂

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Little Letters : June 2017

A couple of months ago, I ran across this linkup called Little Letters. It seemed like a fun one to get involved with, but I missed it. I finally remembered to write it down in my planner, so now I’ve got another monthly post on my radar!


Dear Pinterest,

Stop giving us so many ideas for the new house. Just stop.

Dear Will, 

You’ve been an awesome husband lately. I mean, you’ve always been pretty decent, but you’re really knocking it out of the park lately. I love you!

Dear Charlotte

Even though we had a rough Saturday, I love you more than words can describe!

Dear Koopa, 

The picture I posted of you last night still makes me laugh uncontrollably. #koopaplans

Dear This Is Us,

I don’t know why I resisted you for so long. I’m not wishing summer away, but I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR SEASON 2 PREMIERE!

Dear Watermelon,

Welcome back. I’ve missed you, my friend.

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Fit Friday : Week 6

Another week, another weigh in, let’s see how I’ve improved…or not improved…since last week’s post.

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : -0.8 pounds (hey, it’s twice as much as last week’s loss!)

Overall change : -4.0 pounds

We’re moving in the right direction, slowly but surely!

Keeping it short tonight because it’s late. We saw Wonder Woman earlier. Fantastic movie!! 

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Currently : June 2017


Planning: Our move! Moving is not for the faint of heart!

Wishing: Boxes would pack themselves…

Learning: How to communicate with a very opinionated little girl!

Browsing: I’ve heard a lot about the Land of Nod website lately, so I just browsed there for a little bit. Let’s just say, unless we come into some serious fun money, we will not be buying anything from there!

Going: Nowhere. Womp womp. Our work schedules + moving (have I mentioned we’re moving? Maybe once or twice?) won’t let us take any trips this summer. Maybe next year…

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Glossies Made Me Do It : June 2017

Hello again! Time for another project inspired by a magazine. Like last month, this month’s inspiration will be slightly boring but one of those necessary evils in the world of being an adult.


This month’s inspiration comes from the June issue of Real Simple magazine. I used to be a huge fan of Real Simple and even had a subscription for a while, but then I started noticing that they were featuring products out of my price range and some of their “life hacks” were anything but simple. I stopped reading it regularly until my library got a digital subscription to it. It seems like they’re kind of returning to their roots, so maybe I”ll read more often again!

The June cover features a teaser that says “Get It Done! Genius shortcuts to check everything off your list.”

Sign. Me. Up.

Some of the genius shortcuts don’t seem very genius, and some don’t apply to me, but there are two things in particular that caught my eye: deal with the giant pile of mail and get all of the laundry done.

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, laundry feels like a never-ending task. Will did three loads today while he was home, and the pile is still huge. The magazine suggests giving yourself cues, like putting an empty basket in your favorite chair that way you’re reminded to put wet laundry in the dryer before sitting down to relax. It also says to make things more pleasant by clearing clutter out of your laundry room. I’m fortunate enough to have a laundry room at our current house and at our new house, so I’ll definitely implement these ideas!

Sorting mail is not as much of a drudgery as laundry can be, but it’s still something I struggle with. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but my mail “organization” system used to involve just throwing everything in a pile and forgetting about it. I do not recommend that system to anyone! The article about mail sorting suggests immediately discarding obvious junk, then putting bills in one location and anything that needs to be processed, such as invitations, in another location. Then, and this is the part that I need to work on, set a time, once a week, once a month, whatever works for you, and actually go through the bills to pay them, respond to invitations, etc. I know this seems so simple to some people, but it was a duh moment for me!

Anyone have any other genius shortcuts for me? I could use all of the help I can get!

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Fit Friday : Week 5

As I promised in yesterday’s post, I am writing about my (not so) triumphant return to this series. Technically, this should be week 6, but since I missed last week, I didn’t want to get my numbering out of order and confuse myself later on. Yep, that’s legitimately what I worry about…

Fit Friday graphic

This week’s change : -0.4 pounds (a loss is a loss, am I right?)

Overall change : -3.2 pounds

Hey, I had a small loss! Not too shabby considering that I haven’t been paying attention to my food at all lately.

The good:

  • I haven’t gone to coffee shops as often (despite the picture I posted on Instagram yesterday…). Will has concocted a new iced coffee drink, and it’s really good!

The not-so-good:

  • I installed the Lose It! app on my phone. I evidently used to have an account, so when I recovered my info and updated my stats, it gave me an oh-so-helpful notice that I’ve gained 81 pounds since the last time I used it. 81. Pounds. Granted, I knew I gained around 50 pounds when I was pregnant, and I’m not sure when that weight was in there, but it was very sobering to see.
  • Weighing in at the doctor. It was annual checkup, and I had really hoped to be smaller at this point. Of course, you can hope all day, but if you don’t put any work into it, then nothing will change…


Since we’re moving later this month, I’m already finding myself starting to make excuses about why I can’t try to eat healthily and exercise until after we’re settled in. The truth is though that there’s always going to be some kind of life event that can derail me if I let it. There’s always going to be a birthday, a celebration, stress, life changes, sick kids, not enough sleep, etc. If I make excuses for everything, then nothing will ever change.

Goals for next week:

  • Start from scratch. Figure out what I’m trying to accomplish, set goals – little and big, and make a plan for my meals, exercise, and health for this upcoming week. — This is what I said on my week 4 update, and since I didn’t do that then, I’m going to repeat this goal!


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Life Lately : Volume 3

  • Things have been slightly ridiculous lately because we sold our house!!! The housing market in our town is insane right now. We listed our house on a Friday afternoon, and by that night, we had a contract on it, and here’s the kicker, the girl that made the offer hadn’t even seen the house in person yet! Luckily, she had a showing on Saturday morning and decided to keep her offer! Phew!
  • We’re closing on both houses on the 29th. We can’t have access to the new place until we close, so we’ll basically be homeless nomads for a few days until we’re finished painting/updating/cleaning/all of the other fun stuff. I’ll definitely take before and after pictures!
  • Charlotte is 13 months old now and her personality is getting bigger and bigger! She’s such a little ham and loves attention (I have NO idea who she got that from…). She’s not crawling or walking yet, so we’re meeting with an early intervention specialist in a couple of weeks to work on a therapy plan for her. I don’t think she needs therapy because all kids do things in their own time, and she scoots and rolls and sits up just fine, but her doctor recommended the initial consultation, so we’ll give it a try.
  • Speaking of Charlotte, I’ve been carrying around thank you notes from her birthday for about a month now. Maybe I’ll actually send them this month!
  • If you’re a fan of Chick Fil A and don’t have their app on your phone, you need to download it right now. They give you “treats” pretty often. Today, I got a free smokehouse BBQ bacon sandwich. Those suckers aren’t cheap! I’ve got a free regular sandwich waiting too! Woo hoo!
  • Uh, so semi-related to that last note, I’ll pick up Fit Friday tomorrow, and I imagine it won’t be too great. I had a doctor appointment yesterday, and let’s just say that the weigh in portion was not my favorite. Not at all.
  • Google Trends released a map of America’s most misspelled words. Tennessee’s is chaos. Chaos? Really? Come on. That’s an easy one! I guess I can have some reassurance though since Mississippi’s word is nanny, and Georgia’s word is gray (maybe they don’t know whether or not they’re British and need to spell it with an -a or an -e). Rhode Island can’t spell liar. Are there any words you have trouble spelling? Did your state’s word surprise you?
  • I’m facing my quarterly dilemma of whether I should cut my hair shorter or let it grow. Internet, help me make life choices…

That’s what’s happening in Amber world right now. How are things for you?