Sentence a Day : May 2018

Time to recap May, one sentence at a time! I don’t have any pictures in this month’s post because my computer and Google Photos were fighting! Don’t you love technology? 1 – So close to the end of the semester! 2 – Secret Pal reveal party at work! 3 – I love how Charlotte looks …


Wellness Wednesday : June 2018

Wellness Wednesday…on a Thursday! Let’s review my January goals and my progress on those! Goal #1 – Sleep at least 7 hours a night : I’ve been really bad about this one lately. I’ve been staying up way too late working on things that I don’t get done during the day, and then I’ve had trouble …


TBB Asks : Summer Lovin’

1. Walk or bike ride? Walk, but I just told Will yesterday that I want to get a bike! 2. Favorite picnic food? I can’t tell you the last time I went to a picnic, so I’m clueless. I’ll go with watermelon since it’s the best summer food in the entire world. 3. Pool or lake? Pool!! I don’t …