Spring Bucket List Update : April 2019

Time for a one-month Spring Bucket List update!

1. Celebrate our family’s spring birthdays – We’ve almost done this one! We’ve got one more celebration for Charlotte coming up this weekend, and then we can check this one off the list! 🙂

2. Create a playroom for Charlotte – Not even close! The room still looks exactly the same as it has for the last couple of months! My mom and I are planning a joint garage sale in May, so I think after that, I can make some progress on this goal!

3. Finish a course – I haven’t even looked at any of my courses over the last few weeks. Sigh.

4. Go on an Easter egg hunt – Oh man, this one has been a doozy. It has rained every weekend for the last month! My work egg hunt got postponed and then cancelled. Another egg hunt we planned to go to got moved indoors, so we thought that wouldn’t be fun. This one was a failure, but Charlotte got 3 different Easter baskets yesterday, so I don’t think she’s hurting for candy/treats!

5. Participate in Rachel Cruze’s contentment challenge – I got the journal but don’t plan to start it until May 1 so I won’t be starting on a random day. I think I missed her challenge, but I’m still going to count this one as “in progress” since I’m starting soon!

6. Practice brush lettering – Not yet. I haven’t even thought about this one!

7. Spring Cleaning –Not yet, but I know that as we start moving things to the garage for the garage sale and decluttering, this one will start happening by default.

8. Take Charlotte to the Children’s Museum – We haven’t had a chance to do this one yet. April has been a really busy month, so we will plan a day in May or early June for this one.

9. Take Koopa to the Dog Bakery –We picked up a birthday treat for him from the bakery, but he wasn’t with us because we had been running other errands. I’m going to call this one a partially finished item until we take him somewhere else.

10. Walk a 5K – Not yet! My mom and I went on a short walk last week, and I realized that I have a lot of work to do before I’m ready to walk 3 consecutive miles. It’s hard for me not to feel discouraged since I used to be a lot more in-shape, but that doesn’t help anything!

So, that leaves me with one failure, two in-progress items, and seven not even started tasks. Eep! Here’s hoping that the other participants have fared better than I have so far!

Have you made a Spring Bucket List? How is your list going? Let me know in the comments or link up with your own post by clicking the button below.

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On your third birthday

Dear Charlotte,

I feel like it was just your second birthday, and yet here we are on your third birthday! Actually, I feel like you were just born, but you are definitely not a baby anymore!!

Your personality and sense of humor are so much fun! Sometimes you say things that floor all of us and make us wonder what’s going on in that brain of yours! You have become such a big helper – getting Koopa’s food, straightening your room, loading groceries onto the conveyor belt, and tons of other things. You are such a curious girl, always asking “what was that?” and “what happened?” I love your questions and your curiosity!

You don’t really watch The Wiggles anymore, but you still play with the little Wiggles figures that were on your birthday cake last year. You really love watching videos on the iPad, but you also love playing outside and your toys…especially your Paw Patrol finger puppets, Sloppy, and your Elmo ABCs that Santa brought you. You love to sing, and we usually sing at night when we’re snuggling at bedtime. You try to trick me into singing Baby Shark at bedtime, which I don’t fall for since it winds you up! Nice try, little girl! 😉

You know all of your letters, lots of colors, and can count to 30 (although the 20s give you a little trouble sometimes!). You even surprised me by counting in Spanish one day! I am constantly amazed at what you have learned and picked up from the world around you!!

You still love your Bubba (Koopa), but you get frustrated with him sometimes. I understand because I do too and your daddy does too! You also still love Pop Pop more than anyone else. I’ve never seen someone light up like you do when you see him! Lately, you haven’t been too fond of people you don’t know, which is okay because that means you’re starting to realize who you’re comfortable with and who you may need to be a little more cautious around. You also have been having some BIG emotions lately. That’s okay too. We all need to express ourselves, and we have to figure out the best ways to do that. Plus, you’re such a cheerful, sweet girl most of the time that sometimes you have to let out a little fire!!

You love to eat all kinds of things now! You love bananas, cake pops, frenchie fries, jellybeans, sweet tea, and strawbabies, among many other things! You still make us feed you a lot of the time, but I think that’s genius on your part…make the peasants do the work…HA!

I have heard a lot of people say that 3 and 4 are fun ages, and I can see why! You are so joyful and make your daddy and me laugh every single day!! I am so excited to see how you grow and develop this year!

(I had to limit my pictures because this was only going back to October!)

So, to our sweet, smart, silly, sassy, brave, beautiful baby girl, we wish you a happy birthday! We can’t wait to see how you’ll change and grow this year!


Daddy, Mama, and Bubba 😉

Charlotte’s Chatter : Volume 1

I’ve always enjoyed reading other bloggers posts about the fun things their kids say, and now that Charlotte is a little bit older, I can finally write posts like that about her! I hope you enjoy her personality (and some adorable pictures) as much as we do!

(Background info – before bed sometimes, she will say “snuggle Mama” or “snuggle Daddy” depending on who she wants to lay down with her while she’s going to sleep).

Charlotte : Play iPad?

Me : No, it’s almost bedtime so we can’t play the iPad tonight.

Charlotte, after a brief pause : Snuggle iPad?

After pulling down a stack of clean laundry from the couch to the floor :

Charlotte : Whoa, what a mess!

Me : It’s almost the weekend, so that means it’ll be Mama, Daddy, and Charlotte time!

Charlotte : I don’t like it.

(Gee thanks, Char)

(Charlotte walked across her bedroom, and she shocked me.)

Charlotte : I shocked you.

Me : I didn’t know that you knew that!

Charlotte : I know that!

Gran Gran (AKA my mom) : Your pants are tight.

Charlotte : No, they’re pink.

Me : What does Daddy say?

Charlotte : Stop it, Koopa!

Me : What does Mama say?

Charlotte : Stop it, Koopa!

Me : What does Gran Gran say?

Charlotte : Stop it, Pop Pop!

So, Mom, I don’t know what you’ve been telling Dad to stop doing, but Charlotte is quoting you now!

Charlotte, while riding in the car with my parents : You’re wearing me out!

My mom : Who is? Me?

Charlotte : Yes, you and Pop Pop!

Charlotte : I’m exhausted from playing!

We have a consignment shop near our house that either my mom or I will sometimes take her to. Recently when my mom took her, she said “I’ve been wishing to go here!”

I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff, but I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into Charlotte’s world!

Amber Can Read : April 2019

I’m a couple of days late posting this one (and on a Saturday at that!), but I read an above average (for me) number of books this month so it took way longer than usual to get all of the links and pictures together. Oops!

1. Flat Broke with Two Goats by Jennifer McGaha

This. Book. Was. Awful. 

It started out okay. Actually, it was decent enough that I texted my mom and asked her if she had read it because I thought I had remembered seeing it on her Goodreads feed. She gave me a vague answer, and as I got deeper into this book, I found out why. 

This is easily the worst book of the year for me (and that’s saying A LOT after my review of Little Women last month!). The author is whiny and spoiled, and their solutions to problems are unrealistic. I don’t know what she was trying to achieve by writing this…unless it was to bore people to tears. I finished it just because I had hopes it would get better. Spoiler alert : it didn’t. Plus, there is a very uncomfortable, way too long section about goat breeding. You have been warned. Do not recommend to anyone with a pulse or eyes. 

2. Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

After the rough start to my reading my month, I was pleasantly surprised by this one! I know that it has received mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it! It has a couple of twists to it, and I’m a sucker for books that have a “tying up the loose ends” epilogue. I would recommend this one to anyone who likes quirky mysteries!

3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

I enjoyed this one too! I did have a bit of an embarrassing moment with it though. Will and I were out shopping one Friday evening when Charlotte was at my parents’ house for a sleepover, and we went to a game/comics store that he likes. I sat at some of their tables so I could read while he browsed, and the employee asked me what I was reading. No, it wasn’t awkward at all saying the title of this one and trying to summarize it! My own embarrassment aside, I would recommend this to anyone who likes YA books with smart and funny females. I haven’t watched the Netflix movie yet, but I plan to soon while the book is still kind of fresh in my mind! 

4. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Oh look, another one I really enjoyed! I didn’t know what this one was about, but I had seen it come up in a lot of these linkups, so I was eager to dive in, and it did not disappoint! Recommended for anyone who likes stories about family secrets or revenge. 

5. P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

The first book ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, so I was ready to see how it was resolved. Unfortunately, that was just about the most interesting part of this one. I know that I’m not the target audience for this book/series, but I didn’t enjoy this one nearly as much as To All The Boys…Recommended but only because once you’ve finished the first one, you’ll have to know how the issue at the end of it gets resolved!

6. Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon

I listened to this one, and it was narrated by Reese Witherspoon, which made me like it more than I probably would have if I had read it. It had some cool ideas in it, and I definitely enjoyed the southern topics, especially the section about Dolly Parton (side note, I ordered this shirt a couple of weeks ago, so I’m a bit of a Dolly fan!). Recommended for anyone who likes southern charm, hospitality, and/or Reese WItherspoon.

7. Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

I liked this book a little better than the second one, but the first one is still my favorite of the trilogy. I did like the way some things were wrapped up in this one, and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to finish the series and know what happens to Lara Jean and company. 

8. Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

This one was recommended by one of our student workers, and I was interested since it takes place in Nashville and the topic was intriguing. It took me a while to get into it, but the last part of the book was pretty interesting. Recommended for those who like books about tough topics. 

9. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

I don’t know why I checked this one out, but I’m not gonna lie…it was a little more than I could understand! It’s about multiverses, and there was a lot of science language in it, so I couldn’t keep up with what was going on sometimes. However, I wanted to finish it because there is a mystery in it that I wanted to see concluded. Recommended for fans of sci-fi…who might actually understand more of it than I did!

On the plus side, I taught an instruction session at work a couple of days after reading this, and one of the students said he was doing his research paper on multiverses, and thanks to this book, I knew what he meant! I think he was a little shocked that I could define it for him. In your face, random student! 

10. The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks

Another mystery/story with a twist. I enjoyed this one, even though I saw a lot of Goodreads reviews that said they figured out what the twist was pretty early on in the story. I totally didn’t, so if you read this, let me know if you were on team figure it out or team what the heck happened (my team!). Recommended for fans of female-centric mysteries.

11. Thanks, Obama by David Litt

I listened to this one instead of reading it, and I think the audiobook made it seem much longer than just plain reading it would have been. I liked it, and Litt had some fun insights and stories from his time in Obama’s White House, but there were some sections that just dragged on and on for way too long. Recommended for anyone who likes to look behind-the-scenes at things or for anyone who needs a little dose of Obama in their lives!

12. They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

My last book but definitely not the least this month! This book hooked me from the first page! I chose it for my six-word title category in the Erin 10.0 book challenge, but the only reason I chose it was because it had been recently returned at work and had the correct number of words in the title! I had no idea what it was about, but I’m glad I took a chance on it! Recommended for fans of science fictionish stories or unconventional love stories. 

Phew! All of this book talk made me tired! 

Total for the month : 12

Total for 2019 : 39

Have you read anything good lately? Leave a comment and let me know!

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3 Things : April 2019

1. What 3 things are on your Spring Bucket List?

I have ten things on my Spring Bucket List, so here are the first three items : celebrate our family’s spring birthdays, create a playroom for Charlotte, and finish a course. Big Spring goals in these parts!

2. Spring Cleaning. Spring Forward. Spring Break. Which is your favorite and why?

My favorite is the result of Spring Cleaning! 😉 Actually, Spring Cleaning is on my Spring Bucket List too, so while it’s not really my favorite, I’m pretty meh about the other two right now also!

3. What 3 dishes will be on your Easter menu?

I have no idea! We don’t usually cook anything at home, so I guess we will eat whatever is on the menu of whichever relative’s house we end up going to!

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