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Resolutions and Crap

I put a lot of thought into that title, obviously.

Happy almost 2017! Whether you thought 2016 was the most evil year ever or you didn’t find it all that bad, we’re about to  start a new year with new possibilities.

If you know me in real life, then you know I’m a huge nerd for the new year and making lists and goals. I’ve not been great about my follow through in the past, which you probably knew if you browsed the blog archives and saw the many challenges that I started and never finished. For the new year, I feel different and more determined. I don’t know the cause of it, but I am ready to make big changes, hit major goals, and complete a lot of these undone, lingering tasks that have plagued me for far too long.

One way I plan to achieve these things is to take some time each week to go over goals, tasks, and plans to organize and arrange my week. I have not been prioritizing this, and I can tell a huge difference in how I feel and how smoothly my week goes when I do this.

I am using the word achieve as my focus word for the year. I haven’t done this in a couple of years, but after seeing it pop up in several different Facebook groups, plus after thinking about the changes I want to make, this seemed like the perfect word for me in 2017. I had originally thought about using the word discipline, but after looking at some of the definitions and synonyms of discipline, achieve seemed like it had a more positive connotation, and it covers more of what I want to accomplish in the new year. Anyone else have a word for the year?

One final piece to my resolutions and crap (ha!) is to have a series of monthly challenges that I will write about here. I’m calling them #Achieve2017 (I know, I know…). I have hammered out the challenges for January – March and will write a more detailed post on all of them once I get the rest of the year settled. If you would like to join in, the challenge for January is no restaurants/coffee shops. Ouch! After all of the money we’ve spent and terrible food we’ve eaten recently, this one will be a double whammy for us. I am so bad about not meal planning and not thinking about dinner until after work when I’m on my way to pick up Charlotte, so we fall into the restaurant trap a lot more than I care to admit. So, if you’d like to join me for this month’s challenge, leave a comment here or on Facebook and let me know that you’re in. I’ve also spent several hours making a nice little graphic for January’s challenge. It’s posted below, so if you’re joining in and want to add it to your blog or any social media, go ahead! If you’re a little more low-key, use the hashtag #Achieve2017 to join in.


Here’s to a successful and fantastic 2017!

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