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School Pictures : A TBB Talks Linkup

Hello everyone! I’m returning to the land of the living after spending most of last week with some kind of sinus funk sickness. I even took Thursday and Friday off work (aren’t you proud of me, Jen??) because I had just hit a wall…and I was crying a lot. Does anyone else cry a lot when they don’t feel well? As my dear husband put it, I had ugly cry face and sick face. Thanks, babe.

Anyway, I’m back now and ready for this week’s TBB Talks post – all about school pictures. I was pretty excited about this one for reasons you will see in this post. I had planned to go down to our basement over the weekend and look through yearbooks until I remembered something glorious that used to hang in my parents’ hallway.

Framed picture of my first grade through senior year school pictures.

Awww yeah. A nearly complete picture of Amber through the years. I don’t know why this frame doesn’t include Kindergarten, but rest assured that I was adorable in Kindergarten. Adorable.

Let’s take a closer look at these beauts.

First grade! I pretty much looked identical to this in Kindergarten, so you’re not missing too much. I can see Charlotte in my face a little bit. I don’t know if it’s the cheeks or what, but I’m glad that there’s actually a little bit of proof that she’s my child too…

Second grade! I feel like we missed a memo that it was picture day and forgot to brush my hair. That’s how my hair looks pretty often these days, so I guess I’m just throwing it back a few years.

Third grade! This has a little bit of a glamour shots vibe to it. I’m digging the outfit and the hair over one shoulder. I think I was leaning on a pillow too. I guess the photographer took it up a notch that year.

Fourth grade! You can see my tie here, but what you may not be able to see is the sweet vest that was also attached to the shirt. Fourth grade me evidently meant business.

Fifth grade! Why yes, I am wearing the same dress that I had on in the picture from last week’s TBB Talks Linkup, thank you for noticing.

Sixth grade! This is the stuff dreams are made of. I had a bowl cut, was trying to keep from blinking, and let’s just be honest – that dress is a little low cut. I believe this is my pinnacle in life…

Seventh grade! My hair grew a lot from sixth grade. I really have nothing else to say after that last picture…

Eighth grade! I guess picture day was on St. Patrick’s Day that year (199?…such a mystery…unless I do some math). Current me is ashamed of eighth grade me and her lame attempt at wearing green.

Freshman year! This seems like a pretty generic picture. Carry on.

Sophomore year! Look at the tilted head and attitude. Give a girl a bob and a silk dress and she thinks she’s unstoppable…

Junior year! Sweater vests are for winners. Could I BE any more preppy? (Points to whoever gets that reference…)

And finally we have Senior year! I remember going to Sears or JC Penney to do my senior pictures because it was cheaper and you had more of a selection of backdrops and outfits than the school associated ones. I also really liked my hair here. It’s the little things in life!

Hope you enjoyed this journey down memory lane! I would love to see school pictures from any of you who follow me here or on Facebook!


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  1. I AM PROUD OF YOU!! I’m guessing that means you went back to work on Wednesday after lunch though πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
    I remember that frame in the hallway! LOL and the trends…those wonderful 80/90s trends. 😘

    • I went to Starbucks before I went back to work. Partial credit? πŸ˜‰ I only wish one of the pictures had my sweet pouffy bangs that all little girls were required to have lol