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Sentence a Day : August 2017

Somewhere, buried deep in a box in the garage, I have a five-year journal. This journal covers a span of five years (truth in marketing) and has a few lines on each day for you to record something about your day. I wasn’t always the best at remembering to actually write something that happened particular day, and I’m of the mindset that once I’ve missed a day on something, I may as well drop it completely. Nice, right?

When I ran across this linkup, I was intrigued. Basically, all you do is a write a sentence about each day in a month. Instant five-year journal! So, here are my sentences for August:

1 – Right now things seem super-stressful, but this is a season.

2 – Lunch with family and friends makes my day brighter!

3 – Charlotte’s sleep is awful right now, and I’m discouraged.

4 – Our microwave started sparking today – scary!

5 – Char, Koopa, and I stayed home all day, and it still scared me!

6 – New microwave today and a little shopping with Char and Mom.

7 – Monday again already…

8 – Feeling kind of blah and in a funk

9 – A little better today, but I still don’t feel like myself.

10 – I’m excited about teaching a class this fall!

11 – Friyay but one day closer to the end of summer…

12 – Cleaning, shopping, a wedding, and a Char sleepover!

13 – How come mornings go by so much faster when Char isn’t here?

14 – It feels like time is flying by this month.

15 – First day of in-service at work means meetings, friends, and free food!

16 – Really rough day at work today…

17 – Things were a little better today, thankfully.

18 – TGIF, y’all.

19 – Shopping fun with Mom and Charlotte

20 – More shopping and Char ate a ton of food at Target!

21 – The eclipse was so cool!

22 – All day training has me feeling cross-eyed.

23. Will’s first day of classes and it started with Algebra.

24 – First day of teaching went well!

25 – Char went to Mimi’s, and we had a date night

26 – Day at the fair was fun…but hot.

27 – Really rough night that makes me ask questions like “how many cats is too many cats?” (Uh, I have no idea what I meant by this!)

28 – Char slept better tonight, and Will made some fantastic fajitas!

29 – Another battle to get her to bed…

30 – Dentist appointment today, and there were no cavities

31 – Lots of rain and flooding tonight, and it’s a little scary!

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    • I love the name of your blog! That’s what my house is currently covered in! 😉

      Thank you for the compliment! She’s cute and already knows how to work her cuteness. We’re going to be in trouble!!

  1. Hey friend! Sounds like you are struggling a bit. I hope that you enjoyed a restful weekend and are feeling more like yourself as we head into a new week. I can’t remember and have a dreadful memory so might forget again, but are you a teacher? If so, I can relate to the overwhelming feelings of beginning a new school year…meetings, inservice, more requirements added to our plates with every new year.

    Make sure you carve out a little time for yourself. Maybe a few minutes after writing your sentence for the day? Maybe a soak in the tub? A walk around the block alone?

    Hang in there. It’s fall! Cooler temps, fun clothing choices and pumpkin flavored everything. Life will get better.

    • Thank you for your sweet words! I’ve definitely been struggling lately! I’m an academic librarian, and I volunteered to teach a section of the required class that all of the freshmen have to take. Ack!!

      I do need to take more time alone. I like the idea of a walk around my neighborhood, especially if the weather stays cool like it is now.

      I CAN’T WAIT FOR FALL!! I saw an ad for pumpkin spice popcorn and realized that we live in a truly great time. Ha!


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