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Sentence a Day : February 2018

Hello again! I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback and encouragement on my post about having trouble being motivated to blog. I took a few days off and found that I missed writing, so I’m back just in time for the Sentence a Day linkup!

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1 – Today was a good day.

2 – Cold day but no snow.


My caption on Instagram was a joke about people eating Tide Pods. One of my coworkers made this the desktop background on one of our front desk computers. Funny, funny. 

3 – Living near family is a gift!


Our letter board was ready for the big game…

4 – See yesterday’s statement. 😉

5 – Lunch with Jen was fun!


Strike a pose!

6 – Another lunch with another college friend!


I have a feeling that someone is watching me…

7 – Feeling not so great 🙁

8 – Big program at work was a success, and I’m glad it’s over!

9 – I feel discouraged today.

10 – Tons of rain, plus Char was up half the night…blerg.

11 – No nap today made for a long day!


Wonder if she’s scheduling her lack of a nap in my planner…

12 – Mom and Dad are sick, so I was home with Char today…and no nap again!


This is her favorite Snapchat filter, and I love that Will got in on it too!

13 – Today has been very discouraging.

14 – We received some much needed good news today!!

15 – Aaaand, I’m back down again…

16 – Yay for forgotten gift cards from Christmas!

17 – Sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can climb back up.


Mama and Charlotte selfie time!

18 – I’m more fascinated by Char’s toys than she is…


Sometimes a girl needs to sit in her chair, eat some Goldfish crackers, and watch a few videos on Mama’s iPad…

19 – Things are looking up!

20 – Gorgeous weather and free coffee today!

21 – Raining yet again, but it’s warm, so I’m getting spring fever!

22 – So we’re back to poor sleep again, huh…meh

23- Free coffee, sunshine, and Friday!!


I have no shame in admitting that I was trying to get her to hold the belt over her head like a WWE champion.

24 – Char, Mom, and I went consignment shopping today, and it was fun!

25 – Char walked around the grocery store, then ate an entire banana – living the dream…

26 – Saw Jen for a second time this month, plus went to the gym for the first time in nearly three years…ouch!

27 – Moving your arms is overrated.

28 – Feeling so much more optimistic than I have in a while!


I took my work bag and lunchbox to the car, and this is what I returned to. So sweet!

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  1. YAY! So glad to see this post. This roller coaster of life can be so tiresome but so much better than the alternative!!! Hope you will try and I earned $40 from my couch yesterday. Took a good chunk of time but I feel like it will get easier. Right? Hopefully!!!

    Also, we are gathering things for a garage sale. We have gadgets and gizmos and clothes we don’t use so as soon as the first sunny, warm Saturday presents itself…BAM!

    Would Char be ok with just a little QT (quiet time) in her crib/bed on no-nap days? We have to do that with both of my grands. They need that down time and so do the adults. Sometimes, it works into an unscheduled nap…bonus.

    Glad you joined up for SaD. Just write when you want. And let everything fall into place around that.

    • I always appreciate your encouragement! I have been wanting to try Rev…how do you like doing it now?

      Char may be okay in her crib alone if I turn on a little aquarium thing that’s attached to the side…and pray HA! She’s definitely spoiled (let’s call it “well-loved”) since she’s going to be our only child. We have been trying to work on routines more lately though. I’m so bad about consistency both with her and myself!