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Sentence a Day : January 2018

1 – 2018…I’m ready for a great year!


Look at that ponytail!!

2 – Little bit crabby today…

3 – Back to work and “reality” today

4 – I feel like crap today 🙁

5 – Still don’t feel great…

6 – Rested at home today

7 – Dad’s birthday dinner tonight and doctor tomorrow

8 – Bronchitis, upper respiratory infection, and a “flu-like virus”…yay…

9 – Dr. Doggo is helping to bring me back to health


10 – Starting to feel human again!

11 – Back to work today, and I road raged against someone who *may* be a politician…

12 – Snow day today…woo hoo!

13 – I’m feeling better, but Char and Will are sick…sigh…

14 – Will has bronchitis, and Char has a cold

15 – The snow melted today, and I went to Walmart alone…living it up!

16 – More snow and another day off!


Tablet time together!

17 – Still snowed in and took a vacation day, and I think Char is on the mend!



18 – Back to work…again!

19 – It’s finally thawing out!

20 – It seems like Char is feeling better!!


Char took a picture of her foot…ha!!

21 – Got quite a few things done today!

22 – Sinus headache tonight made me feel blah 🙁

23 – Another sinus headache today…fun, fun…

24 – I felt awful and draggy this afternoon

25 – Definitely driving the struggle bus lately


Char went to the park with my parents today!

26 – Yet another sinus headache…argh!!

27 – Planner meetup today!


Family selfie!!

28 – Working on getting my ducks in a row…quack…

29 – Started out the day so crabby and blah

30 – I think I can…I think I can…

31 – Tired, cranky, sad, and overwhelmed


She wanted to push her toy into the bathroom. That worked out as well as you would expect.

Sooo, do you think my theme for January was sick, sad, sleepy, and stressed? Let’s make February a better month!

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  1. Not the best month 🙁 Hoping Feb is better for you!
    I had grand ambitions to do a line-a-day for Jan but didn’t make it a week before I forgot. I will try again for Feb!

    • The only way I remember is by using daily sheets that I made for my planner! I would forget my name if it wasn’t written down in my planner! Hope you can join in for February’s link up! 🙂