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Sentence a Day : May 2018

Time to recap May, one sentence at a time! I don’t have any pictures in this month’s post because my computer and Google Photos were fighting! Don’t you love technology?

1 – So close to the end of the semester!

2 – Secret Pal reveal party at work!

3 – I love how Charlotte looks in little dresses!

4 – May the Fourth be with you…yep…

5 – Graduation day at work…pouring down rain and the gym is roasting!

6 – Walk at the park with Mom and Char!

7 – Go Preds!

8 – I forgot to write something today!

9 – I forgot to write something today!

10 – Aaaand, the Preds are out of the playoffs.

11 – I forgot to write something today!

12 – Friend time and consignment shopping for Char!

13 – Happy Mother’s Day!

14 – Char and I are both under the weather.

15 – Char has a Batman dress!!

16 -I neeeed chocolate!

17 – I love puns.

18 – There was a turtle in our yard this morning!!

19 – Family day!

20 – Char isn’t feeling well again!

21 -Poor Char has an ear infection.

22 – Sick Char is no fun. =(

23- Now I feel crappy.

24 – Summer cold and allergies…woot.

25 -We got a new (to us) lawnmower!

26 – An author liked my Instagram post; I’m famous!

27 – Solo and Sonic!

28 – Memorial Day and a new (to us) swing set for Char!

29 – I finally figured out Instagram story templates!

30 – Huge storm with a rainbow afterwards!

31 – I’m really enjoying the Ken Coleman show podcast!

And that’s a wrap for May! Be sure to visit the other posts below and join us in June!

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