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Sentence a Day : September 2017

I really enjoyed joining this linkup last month. It gave me a good snapshot of my month, plus it made me reflect on each day and see what was important enough to take away from the day. Let’s jump into September’s sentences!

1 – Pumpkin Spice Latte Day! (See, all of the times that I answered that I LOVE PSL in the Fall TBB Talks Linkup were not exaggerations!)

Enjoying my first pumpkin spice latte of the season

Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!

2 – Sleep training and a sick husband – not the best day.

3 – Went for a nice walk today; I’m tired, but I’ve missed being active!

Mom and daughter laying on a blanket

A little time in the back yard after our walk!

4 – Labor Day means that all of us are home today!

5 – I’m so sad today, and the rain doesn’t help things.

6 – Busy day at work, but our presentation went well!

7 – This week is kicking my butt, and I want Oreos!

8 – Today was better than last Friday at least… (Amber note – despite September 1 being the day that my beloved PSLs returned, it was also evaluation day with my boss, and it went…less than great…)

9 – Charlotte doesn’t want to nap, and now we’re both frustrated. =(

10 – I think Charlotte is sick because she’s very cuddly and clingy.

Two women and a baby in a convertible

Grammy, me, and Charlotte doing a little shopping!

11 – Our sinuses are in overdrive right now!

12 – Feeling blah and run down today.

13 – Meeting with our boss was eh but lunch with Jen was fun!

14 – I finally caved and took a sick day.

15 – Another sick day, and I still feel awful!

16 – Lots of mothering and life challenges for me lately. (Also, this was my younger brother’s birthday! Happy birthday!)

Child sleeping on mother's chest

This is how I know Charlotte doesn’t feel well!

17 – Will is sick now. =(

Child foot and dog touching on couch

18 – Feeling super cranky and dejected today

19 – I feel a little more positive today, thankfully!

20 – Very unproductive today and there’s a lot on my mind

Exploded spaghetti squash in microwave


21 – It’s good to ask for feedback from your students sometimes.

22 – I was kind of unproductive today too…

23 – Day home with the family and lots of relaxing!

Toddler sitting in small recliner

Just relaxing, watching The Wiggles, eating a big pretzel, like you do…

24 – We went to church today for the first time in ages, and it was so good!

25 – It’s time to work towards my dreams!

26 – I’m tired of teaching…

27 – Busy day at work!

28 – Feels like I’m going through mud today!

Dog laying on bed

I’m not the only one struggling today!

29 – Not a bad day.

30 – Fall fest with the family was fun!

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  1. Lunch with you was a blast as always!! Plus I’m super proud of you for taking those much needed sick days😘

    • Thank you! We just kept passing sickness back and forth! And I’m biased, but I think she’s the most beautiful little girl in the world!! 🙂

    • Thanks! She’s a handful but she’s becoming so much fun as she starts to be more aware of the world around her. But, whew, those temper tantrums!

      No apologies necessary! All I could do was laugh and take a picture when it happened! I’ll definitely be more careful the next time I cook one! 😉

  2. Teaching these days is so much other stuff. So much paperwork, testing, jumping through hoops, dog and pony shows. After 25 years, my annual observation still made me crazy(ier). Would much rather my principal just show up several times a year than come for one planned 45 minute do and pony show.

    Hope October is kinder and gentler for you. Hoping everyone is finally well.

    Genius to ask the students for evaluations and input on lessons and teaching! I need to remember that. Especially when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Believe I would have had to throw out the entire microwave and start fresh if I faced a mess like that. Just not up to cleaning these days. And I used to love it so.

    Hang in there, Amber. How are you liking the book on balance? I tried to start it while in Germany but without Internet wasn’t able to get very far. I think it is going to be good. How bout you?

    • I’m so behind on the book about balance, but I definitely need to catch up, especially after the microwave explosion…haha.

      The evaluations were really helpful, but it’s still been a rough semester! I’m glad I attempted teaching, but it may not be my thing!

      How was Germany?

  3. Your little girl’s hair is beautiful; I love it. I’m biased, I’m a redhead, too. Lol!
    Oh my gosh that spaghetti squash, wow!
    Don’t worry, my September was a grouchy one.

    Lovely to meet you and look forward to seeing you around more. 🙂

    • It was, and October has had a lot of challenges, but as we near the holidays (and some time off work!), things are looking better and better! 😉