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Seven Sunday Sites

I thought it would be fun this week to have a theme for my Sunday sites. I’m not at all doing this because I procrastinated on writing this and didn’t have sites that I had saved throughout the week like I normally do. Nope, not at all.

So, with that in mind, I present the fun, female, fashion edition of Seven Sunday Sites!

First, the blog that started my semi-obsession with reading fashion blogs. I thought she had completely stopped writing, but it turns out that she redid her website, got married, and is still writing! Woo hoo!

Next, we have one of my personal favorites, a blogger AND a librarian! Even though we have different body types, I still find a lot of inspiration on her blog, which is what a blog should do!

My third pick is another blogger with a different body type than mine (and not just because she’s currently pregnant with her second daughter!). She does a great job of explaining how to create different looks with your clothes, which I appreciate!

Site number four is a blog that I’ve talked about a few times before, but I always like sharing since it’s geared towards moms and has a really active Facebook group!

The fifth blog is one I actually talked about last week also when I mentioned my newfound discovery that I’m in the mom vest club. Ha! (Okay, that’s not the greatest description to have you check out her blog! She just had a post about wearing vests…that’s all!)

Blog number six is a full-time working mom with a toddler. Her travel schedule seems exhausting sometimes! She’s also working on losing weight, so I’m twice as inspired by her blog – clothes and fitness, for the win!

Last but not least is a blogger who definitely has a different body type than I do (#musclegoals) but seems to have a similar work dress code to mine, so I enjoy getting ideas for work outfits from her.

And, that’s a wrap!

What did you guys think of a theme for my picks? I won’t do this every week, but it might be a fun way to share some of the things I enjoy. Also, I’m kinda, sorta, a little bit considering mixing in some outfit posts of my own. Would you be interested in seeing those?

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