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Inspiration of the week, Judge Rosemarie Aqualina, who not only has five children (I wouldn’t have any brain cells left) but also writes fictional crime books, served as Michigan’s first female JAG officer, and is who I want to be when I grow up!

Things not to say to librarians – I especially like the one about getting to read all day. Eye. Roll.

I’m behind on This Is Us, but I’ve read a couple of spoilers about the latest episode. This article explores whether or not the makers of a certain appliance could sue the show’s creators due to what they portrayed. Interesting!

Have you seen the gloves that the United States Olympic athletes will be wearing during the opening ceremony? I mean, I know it’s cold, but those gloves are…not good.

A little background about the app that lets you find what piece of art you look like. Also, I posted one result on my Instagram, but the one below has an even higher match percentage than that one!


The irony since I’m looking straight ahead…

I’ve had a few headaches this week that I’ve attributed to weather changes, but it turns out that I could’ve misdiagnosed myself. Of course, WebMD could’ve also misdiagnosed me, but let’s not be nitpicky about it…

This week I’m going to make sure to schedule some time to listen to replays from the Work-At-Home Summit. It’s a completely free event that runs from tomorrow through Saturday. There are a ton of speakers who will cover topics like marketing yourself, time management for work-at-home employees, and building a blog. I’ve got a new notebook that a friend gave me for Christmas that’s just begging me to take notes about these topics! 😉 Note – this is an affiliate link, which means if you purchase any of the work-at-home school offers that will be available after the summit, I will receive a small commission.

Have a great week!

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