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Someone in a Facebook group shared this post about children and sleeping on a morning after we had experienced yet another rough sleep night. It has some “language” in it, but I thought it was interesting. Takeaway quote :

Frankly if a cuddle is so important to him that he’d wake himself up hourly for it and put on a performance that completely convinces me that he’s scared and upset, he deserves one.

Along those same lines, a recent post on Nashville Moms Blog reminded me to enjoy my present situation. Get out of my brain, Internet.

Will made fancy noodles earlier this week. I’m going to one up him and make noodle cups…or he’ll outdo himself and make them before I get a chance to. 😉

USA’s first gold medal in the 2018 games was won by a 17-year-old snowboarder. Way to go!!

In other Olympic related news – take a look at Team USA’s youngest and oldest athletes. The oldest one isn’t really old, but I can’t imagine how sore he’ll be after competing!

I haven’t been reading much lately because I have been prioritizing other things. I’ve missed reading, and Stephanie’s blog post about not being herself when she’s not reading, helps me understand why. (Although, her main reasons – growing her second human and keeping up with the first human – are different than my reasons! Ha!).

This article is a few years old, but it lists 20 sayings that no longer appear on conversation hearts. Not gonna lie, I’m a little sad that they retired “Let’s Read.” Ha!

Hope you have a great week!

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