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I hope you know what time it is since we turned the clocks back an hour last night…or should have. People have very strong opinions about Daylight Saving Time. Also, did you know that it’s Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time? #themoreyouknow.

If you don’t like the sun going down so early, you’ll like this proposal to invert Daylight Saving Time and push the clocks forward an hour in the fall instead.

One more related to DST – 10 things you should do when you change your clocks. I’ve always heard about the smoke detector one, but the others are new ideas for me!

If anyone needs a Christmas present idea for me, I’ll take these in 7.5, please and thank you.

Or, if you’d rather do something a little more meaningful in November, here’s a calendar full of Random Acts of Kindness ideas.

I have a ridiculous number of unread emails in my personal inbox. Crystal Paine shares four tips for achieving Inbox Zero every day. If she can do it with the amount of emails she gets, I know I can too!

Feeling stressed about the holiday season already? Join Shea and Alexandra (okay, this will make it eight Sunday sites, but I’ll let it slide this week) for their Living Your Best (Holiday) Life for Less challenge. I’m participating in it, even if I am a little behind already!

Have a great week!

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