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Inspired by Sarah’s weekly “Web Time Wasters” posts, I wanted to start a list of the interesting articles and info that I come across each week during my 17,000 hours of being online at work and home. Hope you enjoy my picks for the week!

The situation in Puerto Rico is so much worse than I realized. Some residents of the island won’t even have electricity until 2018. See what the mayor of San Juan is doing to help her people.

Also, here’s how to donate to the relief efforts in a really easy way.

Will and I had a discussion last weekend about how I constantly have 10,000 things on my brain’s to-do list. This article¬†explains that concept a little better than I was able to.

Did you ever feel like the Tanners were too mean to Kimmy Gibbler on Full House? If so, you’re not alone!

It’s pumpkin spice season! Is it an innocent time for enjoying all things naturally and artificially pumpkin flavored, or does it signal something much more sinister for Americans?

Related : I’m pretty sure that this shirt is going to be coming home with me this week!

There is a throw down going on in the library world right now because a Massachusetts librarian sent back 10 Dr. Seuss books that the first lady sent to her. It’s becoming a huge argument. Librarian scandal!

Have a great week!

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