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Slack-Free September: Week 1 Update

We’re one week into Slack-Free September (which as a side note, I realize should have been Slacker-Free September. Slack-Free September kind of just sounds like we’re not wearing pants this month!)

30 Days, 30 Tasks, 30 Minutes (or Less)

So how did I do? Here’s my breakdown:

September 1- paint wall
September 2- order electronic transcripts from grad school
September 3- sew buttons on husband’s shorts 
September 4- nothing
September 5- clean out clothes bin
September 6- nothing
September 7- nothing

Yikes! I started out so well, but then I went downhill. It looks like I’m going to be doubling up on some tasks later this month!

How did you all do during your first week? I have to give a shout out to my work colleague Michele who finished the task of framing and hanging pictures, a task that she said she has been meaning to do for months! Way to go, Michele! If anyone else has any motivation, share it here!

I’m off to plan how I can do better during week 2!

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