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Slack-Free September Wrap Up: The Good, The Bad, and The Slack-ly

30 Days, 30 Tasks, 30 Minutes (or Less)

Hello, October 1. Where did September go?!?

As you may have gathered, I didn’t quite finish my tasks in September. My final count was 12 out of 30, so I didn’t even half finish it. Sigh.

Despite not finishing, there were some good things. Obviously, getting some of those looming to-do items finished was the best achievement. Check out the original post to see what I finished.

Obviously, the bad was not finishing. I had high hopes (and a little bit of pressure from my husband) of finishing, and I didn’t, so I feel like I failed a little bit. I will get these items finished before the end of the year though!

This project taught me a couple of things. First, some things don’t take as long as I thought. I’m a chronic procrastinator because I usually think things will take a really long time to finish. If I know that things usually won’t take as long as I think, then that helps motivate me to do more. Second, the act of just starting is the most difficult task sometimes. Each day that I didn’t complete something, it was primarily because I didn’t want to get off the couch and get started. But, once I got started on something, it motivated me to do other things that weren’t even on my list but needed to be finished. I definitely want to have another 30 day project like this. I’m starting one for October, but it’s got a little different spin on it, so be on the lookout for that posting tonight!

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