On your third birthday

Dear Charlotte,

I feel like it was just your second birthday, and yet here we are on your third birthday! Actually, I feel like you were just born, but you are definitely not a baby anymore!!

Your personality and sense of humor are so much fun! Sometimes you say things that floor all of us and make us wonder what’s going on in that brain of yours! You have become such a big helper – getting Koopa’s food, straightening your room, loading groceries onto the conveyor belt, and tons of other things. You are such a curious girl, always asking “what was that?” and “what happened?” I love your questions and your curiosity!

You don’t really watch The Wiggles anymore, but you still play with the little Wiggles figures that were on your birthday cake last year. You really love watching videos on the iPad, but you also love playing outside and your toys…especially your Paw Patrol finger puppets, Sloppy, and your Elmo ABCs that Santa brought you. You love to sing, and we usually sing at night when we’re snuggling at bedtime. You try to trick me into singing Baby Shark at bedtime, which I don’t fall for since it winds you up! Nice try, little girl! 😉

You know all of your letters, lots of colors, and can count to 30 (although the 20s give you a little trouble sometimes!). You even surprised me by counting in Spanish one day! I am constantly amazed at what you have learned and picked up from the world around you!!

You still love your Bubba (Koopa), but you get frustrated with him sometimes. I understand because I do too and your daddy does too! You also still love Pop Pop more than anyone else. I’ve never seen someone light up like you do when you see him! Lately, you haven’t been too fond of people you don’t know, which is okay because that means you’re starting to realize who you’re comfortable with and who you may need to be a little more cautious around. You also have been having some BIG emotions lately. That’s okay too. We all need to express ourselves, and we have to figure out the best ways to do that. Plus, you’re such a cheerful, sweet girl most of the time that sometimes you have to let out a little fire!!

You love to eat all kinds of things now! You love bananas, cake pops, frenchie fries, jellybeans, sweet tea, and strawbabies, among many other things! You still make us feed you a lot of the time, but I think that’s genius on your part…make the peasants do the work…HA!

I have heard a lot of people say that 3 and 4 are fun ages, and I can see why! You are so joyful and make your daddy and me laugh every single day!! I am so excited to see how you grow and develop this year!

(I had to limit my pictures because this was only going back to October!)

So, to our sweet, smart, silly, sassy, brave, beautiful baby girl, we wish you a happy birthday! We can’t wait to see how you’ll change and grow this year!


Daddy, Mama, and Bubba 😉

On your second birthday

Dear Charlotte,

I can’t believe that you are already two years old! I have always rolled my eyes at people who say the days are long, but the years are short, and yet, I fully understand what they mean now.

This last year has been challenging in a lot of ways, but it has also been a lot of fun. You are developing such a big personality, and I love seeing the different things that you discover every single day. You are so happy (most of the time), and you are smarter than I probably was at that age! 😉

You love The Wiggles, playing on my iPad, wearing your stethoscope around the house (please, please, please let that be a sign of your future career…ha!). You love your “bubba,” as you call Koopa, and you really love being outside…when the weather permits!

You know some of your letters and colors, and it always makes me laugh to hear you say them! You also love to wave at cars that go by Grammy and Pop’s house. You sometimes will even shout at cars when we are driving!

You’re going through a little bit of a picky eating phase right now, and you insist on being fed, which isn’t always convenient, but we’ll keep doing if it’s what helps you to eat!

You love all of your family, but you’re definitely Pop Pop’s girl! No one else even exists when he’s around! I never had that relationship growing up, so it’s really sweet to see how much you love him. It’s also really sweet to see my dad – the same one that many of my friends were scared of when I was growing up – become such a softie around you! Even your uncle, who never really liked kids, has a soft spot for you!

Little girl, I don’t think you’ll ever know how much your daddy and I love you. At least, you won’t until you have kids, if you choose to have them. Sometimes I just stare at you, awed that we created this wonderful little person and wondering how we functioned without you!

A lot of people have told me that we’re entering “the terrible twos,” but I disagree. Sure, there are going to be tough days, but that’s only because your brain and your body are growing and sometimes you can’t figure out how you’re feeling or how to tell us what you want. We’ll get through it. We always have and always will. That’s what chocolate and extra snuggles are for, right?

So, to our sweet, smart, silly, sassy, brave, beautiful baby girl, we wish you a happy birthday. We can’t wait to see how you’ll change and grow this year!


Daddy, Mama, and Bubba 😉