Feeling restless

This is not what I had planned to publish today. I was going to post a book review, but I haven’t finished the book yet, plus I couldn’t muster up the energy and enthusiasm to give it the proper review it deserves.

The truth is, I just feel restless lately. I think it’s almost exclusively due to some issues at work that are just wearing me down. I feel like we are having to fight for some things that shouldn’t even be considered optional for an academic library, and it’s so discouraging to me personally and to my career.

Can I tell you guys a not-so-secret secret? I want to be a writer. It’s what I wake up thinking about, what I constantly want to work on, and what makes me happy. So why am I not doing it? Why am I not putting more work into this dream to make it a reality?

Because I’m scared. Scared I’ll fail. Scared I won’t be able to do it. Scared that once it’s more than a hobby, I won’t enjoy it anymore.

So I guess if you’re reading this and want to harass me to get to work on my writing, please do. If you want to send encouragement and good thoughts about the work situation my way, please do. We have a meeting with a lot of administrators and our university president on November 1 that will determine the direction that the library will move in. I’m nervous, but maybe it’ll be a push for me.

I should be back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Sometimes I just have to get off schedule and clear my head of things that have been weighing me down. If you’re still reading, thanks for sticking this one out with me.

#Achieve2017 : March

At the risk of sounding like every other blogger on the Internet, I can’t believe it’s already nearly March!

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at how February went. For my February challenge, I focused on relationships. I had a list of 28 items, and I completed 14 of those. That would be a solid C for my February grade.

Womp, womp.

I had a list of excuses for why I only did half of the tasks, but it really boils down to I didn’t make finishing the tasks a priority. So, I’m determined to do better in March! Ready to see the March challenge?

In March, I’m going to complete the 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success Course!


For the 99.9% of you out there asking what that is, allow me to explain. Several months ago (uh, maybe even last year…before Charlotte was born), I purchased the 30 Days… course that was created by Gina Horkey. She is a mother of two who was able to launch her successful freelance writing business while she and her husband both had full-time jobs. She had a sale on her course, so I bought it, hoping that it would launch my freelance writing career and allow me to be a work from home mom.

I didn’t make finishing the course a priority (sensing a theme with me yet?), and it has just languished in my inbox, waiting for my motivation and prioritization. Now is the time for me to dive in!

Okay, that’s great for me, but how about a March challenge for everyone else? I’m glad you asked! Your goal is to do something daily in March to help you gain skills and knowledge in your desired career. If you’re already working in your dream profession, then see what types of professional development opportunities are available or take a risk and develop some materials of your own. Let me know what tasks you’re going to do!

If you’re interested in getting a sample of Gina’s work, she has a free 5 lesson email course that you can sign up for here.

I’ll be updating my course progress on my freelance writing Facebook page (shameless plug), so make sure you’re following me there! Let’s make March a great month for our careers!

*Amber note – this post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase the freelance writing course, I’ll earn a small commission which I’ll use towards planner supplies…I mean, responsible, adult things.