Charlotte’s Chatter : Volume 3

Since Char will turn 4 in April, it seemed like a good time for the next volume of Charlotte’s Chatter!

Charlotte : I’m so mad you’re making macaroni. 
Me : You told me to make you some! 
Charlotte : Oh yeah…

Charlotte : Who made this pillow?
Me : Aunt Tricia. That’s Mimi’s sister. She’s married to Uncle Nick, just like Mimi and Papa are married, Gran Gran and Pop Pop are married, and Daddy and I are married.
Charlotte : I’m married too!
Me : Oh you are? To who?
Charlotte : Chick a lay!!

Charlotte : You smell like…cheese!
Me : Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Charlotte : It’s a good thing!

Sometimes a piece of ice gets stuck in our ice maker, and it makes a popping noise. One morning it happened when we were sitting on the couch. 
Charlotte : Is the fridge burping?

Will brought an ice cream truck Lego set for us to work on. While Char and I were laying down, she had some things to say about it.
Charlotte : I’ve been needing this set my whole life!
Me : Have you?
Charlotte : It makes my heart so happy! It makes me want to love you!
Me : I hope you loved me anyway…
Charlotte : I did!

My mom told me about this one. Char was at their house on a Wednesday. My parents had planned for her to have a sleepover on the following Friday. She said that this conversation happened in their kitchen between my dad and Char :
Charlotte : Today is our adventure day!
Dad : No, it’s on Friday. Today is Wednesday.
Charlotte : No, it’s today
Dad : No, it’s Friday.
Charlotte : Stop arguing with me, Pop Pop!

Me (during a thunderstorm) : Is that your tummy?
Charlotte : I guess so!

She has a couple of stuffed Pokemon characters, so one night I asked her what her Pokemon name would be…
Charlotte : I guess…Captain America!

Me : Who made this big mess? 
Charlotte : I did. That’s what Charlis do! 

One day, she and I went to a McDonald’s playground, and she slipped, fell, and bumped her head. I was holding her in my lap, trying to calm her down, and she had a solution of what would help her feel better.
Me : Are you okay, baby?
Charlotte : I think a cake pop would make my head feel better!

Random quotes :

  • What does “driving me nuts” start with?
  • I’m thinking about life, Dad. 
  • I’m the Charli of the world! 
  • I’m putting the A back in the A hole! (while cleaning up her magnetic letters set)
  • I need to eat pizza every day!
  • I really don’t like time outs!!
  • Whoa, who left this big mess in my playroom?

Last time, I mentioned that Charlotte was asking “what happened” questions a lot. We have now moved into the “why” phase, as well as just general questions. Here are a few of my favorites :

  • Does Uncle Mike have hair?
  • Does Uncle Mike get haircuts?
  • Am I pee peeing on the floor?
  • Why is Daddy home?
  • Why is Daddy bald?
  • Why was I scared to wash my hair?
  • Why did you bring me a snack? (After she had asked me to bring her a snack!)

She is so sassy sometimes, and she makes us laugh on a daily basis!

Charlotte’s Chatter : Volume 2

In honor of Charlotte turning 3.5 last month (time is flying by!), I thought that another volume of Charlotte’s Chatter was overdue! Enjoy her toddlerisms!

Charlotte : Daddy mowed the yard! It’s clean!!

My mom : What’s in your wallet, Charli?

Charlotte : I don’t have a wallet!

One night while we were laying down, I told Charlotte I had a headache and a neck ache. She reached over, patted my head and neck, then said it’s okay head and neck. Sweet girl!

We’ve been going through a phase where she’ll ask “what happened?” It doesn’t happen as often it did during the summer, but here are some of the things she asked what happened about :

  • Mama’s socks
  • The animals (a projector on her ceiling)
  • The icemaker
  • Mrs. Brandi (who owns the consignment shop and was closed one day)
  • Her family
  • The people in the van
  • The snail
  • The piano
  • Mama’s muscles
  • Gran Gran’s car
  • If she eats her blanket
  • If Daddy eats her blanket
  • If she eats the floor

She also asks what happened every time she has an accident, like a few weeks ago when she tripped over the bottom of her pajama pants and fell. I try not to laugh when she’s hurt, but there’s something about the way she says it that makes me want to giggle!

(After waking herself up from snoring so loud)

Charlotte : What’s that noise?

Me : What noise, baby?

Charlotte : That noise that Charli was making!

(After taking her into the bathroom stall at Target to change a poopy Pull-Up)

Charlotte : Don’t gag, Mama!

Me : I have to go back to work tomorrow [after Fall Break]

Charlotte : Me too!

Charlotte : Does anyone want to take a bath? I do!

Charlotte : This jello is juicy!

Charlotte : Why are you happy now, Mama?

Me : Because I have the greatest family in the world, and I love you guys so much!

Charlotte : Were you sad earlier because you didn’t have your family?

I have no idea what prompted that since she asked me one Sunday after we had been together all day, but it was so sweet! I love this little girl so much!!

Charlotte’s Chatter : Volume 1

I’ve always enjoyed reading other bloggers posts about the fun things their kids say, and now that Charlotte is a little bit older, I can finally write posts like that about her! I hope you enjoy her personality (and some adorable pictures) as much as we do!

(Background info – before bed sometimes, she will say “snuggle Mama” or “snuggle Daddy” depending on who she wants to lay down with her while she’s going to sleep).

Charlotte : Play iPad?

Me : No, it’s almost bedtime so we can’t play the iPad tonight.

Charlotte, after a brief pause : Snuggle iPad?

After pulling down a stack of clean laundry from the couch to the floor :

Charlotte : Whoa, what a mess!

Me : It’s almost the weekend, so that means it’ll be Mama, Daddy, and Charlotte time!

Charlotte : I don’t like it.

(Gee thanks, Char)

(Charlotte walked across her bedroom, and she shocked me.)

Charlotte : I shocked you.

Me : I didn’t know that you knew that!

Charlotte : I know that!

Gran Gran (AKA my mom) : Your pants are tight.

Charlotte : No, they’re pink.

Me : What does Daddy say?

Charlotte : Stop it, Koopa!

Me : What does Mama say?

Charlotte : Stop it, Koopa!

Me : What does Gran Gran say?

Charlotte : Stop it, Pop Pop!

So, Mom, I don’t know what you’ve been telling Dad to stop doing, but Charlotte is quoting you now!

Charlotte, while riding in the car with my parents : You’re wearing me out!

My mom : Who is? Me?

Charlotte : Yes, you and Pop Pop!

Charlotte : I’m exhausted from playing!

We have a consignment shop near our house that either my mom or I will sometimes take her to. Recently when my mom took her, she said “I’ve been wishing to go here!”

I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff, but I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into Charlotte’s world!