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TBB Asks : Wonderful Christmastime

Fair warning, I guarantee most, if not all, of my posts this month will reference how quickly this year has gone by and how this is the last linkup, post, or whatever of 2018. You have been warned…   It’s the last TBB Asks of 2018! (see, I didn’t lie above). I haven’t participated in …


Holiday Themed Q and A : A TBB Asks Linkup

I know it’s only December 4, but it feels like this month is flying by! Since there are only three weeks until Christmas (INSANE!), I thought it would be fun to answer some Christmas-themed questions today! 1. Real or Fake Tree?¬†Fake – I’m so scared of not watering a real one enough and having a …


Have yourself an unemotional Christmas

My brother and I went Christmas shopping yesterday, and somehow we started talking about how Christmas music almost always includes some type of descriptive adjective or feeling, for example, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” We thought it would be funny if those words weren’t included, so that song would instead be “Have Yourself A…Christmas.” …