Seven Sunday Sites

Oreo, I’m gonna need you to chill out on these alternative flavors. If it isn’t broken, why try to fix it?

My blogging friend Leslie has a really cute craft project on her blog – New Year’s Wish Bottles. It seems simple enough that even a non-crafter like myself could do it!

I consistently get a flu shot each year, but it turns out the latest shot could only be around 10% effective at preventing the flu. In other, related news, I have been sick since Thursday and am going to the doctor in the morning. Let’s hope my shot is part of the magic 10%!

Sarah wrote a great blog post about choosing goals we have no control over. It’s definitely worth a read, especially if you’re still trying to nail down your New Year’s Resolutions!

Speaking of resolutions, this article is a few years old, but it shows how quickly people abandon them. Hmm…good to know…

What were the 40 most popular songs of 2017? Hint, if you’re like me, then most of the titles will mean nothing to you…

Did you know that some Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas today? Since we haven’t taken down our Christmas tree or put away everything from Christmas, this knowledge makes me feel a little less scatterbrained!

Side note – I have gotten a lot of great comments on here lately and hope to be able to respond to them once I’ve gotten medicated and can stand to look at a screen for more than the time it takes to type posts. Also, through the magic of the Internet, I’ve prescheduled some things so even being sickly, I’ll have fresh content for you all. Woo hoo! I’ll also make Will update my health status on my Facebook page because I know everyone won’t be able to rest until they know what’s wrong with me… 😉

Seven Sunday Sites

I love doing creative things like decorating my planner (nerd alert, right?), but I always felt like I didn’t have enough time for it. This post has five ideas for how I can get back on track with being more creative.

People usually think about being more generous during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but generosity can happen anytime during the year. Here’s a cool Halloween project that will help spread some cheer!

In other Halloween news, an art teacher in New York decorated his yard with gravestones from pop-culture trends that died in 2017. My favorite is “the old Taylor Swift.”

We have a waffle maker, uh, somewhere in a box in our basement. When we unpack it, I want to try this sweet potato waffle recipe. It sounds really good and simple enough for me to make!

Sometimes when a tragedy or difficult situation happens to someone you know, you don’t contact them because you think someone else probably has already. But what if no one has? What if you’re the only one?

A dad created an Instagram account called “Got Toddlered” and invited parents to submit pictures of themselves before and after children. Some of the posts are hilarious! I definitely want to participate in this!!

We’re working on cleaning up our budget and being wiser with our money. This post talks about how to cut your restaurant budget. That’s where we spend the most money, so it’s time to take this advice!

Have a great week!