Currently : July 2020

Wow. What a year it’s been. That’s an understatement, isn’t it?

I struggled with whether or not to continue posting on here. As you can see, the last time I posted anything was in April. I really don’t know what I can contribute by blogging. But, then I realized I missed writing. I need to get my thoughts out, whether they may seem silly or lighthearted or whatever. Plus, this is a good way to look back on different times in my life.

So, with all of that said, let’s jump into this month’s Currently prompts.

Cooking : Not much! Will has been so hot when he gets home from work, that he’s just mainly wanted salads and sandwiches. That’s totally fine with me! Char and I have been making fruit smoothies for the last couple of days, so I guess that’s as close to cooking as I can get right now!

Photographing : Anything for the photo challenge that I’m doing on Instagram (#cherisheveryday365_july). I’m not the best at keeping up with it, but I put all of the July prompts in my planner to at least help me remember what I’m forgetting to post. Ha!

Sharing : All kinds of items related to COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter on Facebook. I know I’m getting on people’s nerves, but those are important issues that people need to be aware of.

Trying : To stay positive. I’ve been in a huge funk lately. Char has been trying to make me laugh, and Will has been a trooper (Koopa, as always, is a ridiculous overgrown puppy). I know that it’s related to all of the things going on in the world right now, plus some other things happening in my life (see next prompt for a bit of explanation), but it’s still tough to stay positive when you don’t know what things are going to look like from day-to-day. I know that we never really know what the next day will hold or if we’ll even be around the next day, but this feels even more perilous than usual, and for someone who has some control issues and doesn’t like plans to change, this is really tough to handle.

Wondering : What my next career move will be. Oh yeah, on top of everything else happening this year, I left my job in the spring. The administrators at the school I was at and I both agreed that the job wasn’t a good fit for me. I really enjoyed the kids and my co-workers (RATS!), but my personality type wasn’t a good match for things like classroom behavior management and “rigorous academic support” (okay, that one wasn’t my quote, but I had to throw it in there). I’ve been searching for jobs, but shockingly, there’s not a lot in the library world right now. I’ve had two interviews at one institution and will likely have a third interview with the Vice President of Academic Affairs, but it’s a slooooow process. I’m continuing to apply for things, even outside of the library field. This is just a moldy cherry on the crap cake that is 2020!

Whew. I’ve been holding that in for a little bit, evidently! What are you currently up to? Share in the comments or join Anne’s linkup to air some your own grievances!

Currently : March 2020

Coming back from an unplanned blogging hiatus to join the Currently linkup!

Fixing : Dinner a lot more lately! I’ve even (kind of) started meal planning. I want to try making more sheet pan dinners, so if anyone has recipes they enjoy, I’d love to hear them!

Hearing : Charlotte playing! She is playing independently a quite a bit, and it’s so fun to hear her playing with her toys. I just brought a box of my old Barbies from my parents’ house, and I’m getting them cleaned up. I can’t wait to hear her play with them!

Borrowing : More physical books from the local library. I used to only borrow electronic books, but I’m getting back into physical books lately!

Feeling : Grateful!!! We live in a town one county east of Nashville, and our county suffered a lot of damage from Tuesday morning’s tornadoes. Thankfully, our neighborhood didn’t have any damage; we have a lot of insulation in our yard from who knows where, and we lost power for about 16 hours, but we are healthy and safe, and that’s all that matters!!

Recommending : Local businesses, such as my chiropractor, dentist, and a shirt printing shop in the area. We frequent a lot of chain places (Target every Saturday…), but I’m trying to throw more business to the local folks!

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Currently : June 2019

It’s the (day after the…sigh) first Wednesday of the month, so it’s time to see what I’m currently up to!

Picking : Books to read for a couple of different upcoming book challenges. Book Challenge by Erin 11.0 released its categories on June 1, and my list for that one is slowly starting to take shape! I’m also going to participate in a challenge by abitaboutbooks on Instagram. It’s her #weread challenge and details can be found here!

Going : To work, home, Target, Walmart. That’s about as exciting as life is right now! 😉

Wishing : For a beach vacation! Fully funded, of course. Heck, since it’s wishing, let’s throw in a new wardrobe for the summer too!

Ocean sunset

I would not be sad to have this view again…

Wearing : Shorts and sandals! I’m not usually into either of those things because I’m self-conscious about my legs/feet/etc, but this year, I just decided to do what I wanted to, and if people don’t like it, meh on them!

Celebrating : Some fun activities coming up – going to see a live podcast show with my brother, Father’s Day, a luau with Charlotte’s former early intervention group, and WE’RE GOING TO SEE THE WIGGLES IN AUGUST!! Okay, that’s not June, and I have no reason to be so excited, but I totally am! Now watch Charlotte not enjoy it at all!

What are you currently up to? Leave a comment or link up with Anne to share what’s happening!


Currently : May 2019

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, so it’s time to see what I’m currently up to!


Admiring : Pretty spring dresses! I used to have a lot more dresses, but I think they shrunk after sitting in the closet and being unworn for a while…or at least that’s my story for now! Amazon has some cute floral dresses (too lazy to link) and I’ve seen some cute ones in Walmart, of all places. I may have to use a small portion of my monthly “fun money” to start to replenish my dress collection!

Playing : Too many time-wasting games on my phone! I’ve got to delete them if I want to accomplish anything and get my act together!!!

Borrowing : Approximately 17,000 streaming audiobooks and eBooks from the Nashville library! Okay, maybe it’s just 10, but it feels like all of them are available for checkout at the same time, then I have to make the harrowing choice of which one I’ll start first!

Remembering : The early days with Charlotte. Google Photos keeps showing me pictures from the year she was born, and man, what a trip down memory lane!

Finishing : The academic year at work! Phew!! It’s been a heck of a year, and I’m glad to have a little bit of breathing room during the summer sessions.

What are you currently up to?

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Currently : April 2019

It’s the (day after) the first Wednesday of the month, so it’s time to see what I’m currently up to!


Experiencing : A little bit of a mental funk. I don’t know what exactly is causing it – not enough sleep, water, vegetables, whatever – but I just feel kind of blah and unhappy and self-critical right now. How do you handle those low points in your own life?

Appreciating : My husband and parents for all they do to help Charlotte and me, and Koopa and Charlotte for just being adorable and fantastic (most of the time…ha!). Oh, and sunshine. Always, sunshine!

Wishlisting : Clothes on Amazon! I see so many cute recommendations from other bloggers, so I put them straight on my Amazon wishlist to buy…eventually…

Posting : Not very often, even though I want to post more! I always think that I should take some time on Saturday or Sunday and write out posts for the week, and then I don’t! I think it could be related to the mental funk I’m experiencing though, so maybe as that starts to lift, I’ll write more.

Considering : Mother’s Day Out programs for Charlotte! We are so fortunate and thankful that she can stay with my parents while we work, but my mom and I have discussed potentially having her start a program in the fall just to get her used to being around other children and in a little bit of a routine before she starts Pre-K (!) in Fall 2020!

What are you currently up to?

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